You have tried all the strategies you have known to scale up your business and attract more customers to your business, but still feel there is more you can do? Or do you feel stuck at some level even after trying everything you know? Well, you have reached the right place. We promise you that when you finish reading this article you will add at least one new skill to your arsenal to attract new customers to your business.

There is no proven singular way to attract customers, but there are well-defined strategies that can definitely help your business to be visible to more potential customers. For example, coupon codes and discounts are extremely successful when it comes to attracting customers both old and new. Take shopping at Macy’s, as an example. If you are offered a Macy’s promo code, you are more likely to shop there for your desired product than elsewhere. That combined with your quality products or services can yield desirable results. Here are some strategies that if used effectively combined with your current sales and marketing efforts will attract new customers to your business within no time.

  1. Promoting to lookalike audience:

The people who have already bought your product or availed of your services are most likely to have some things in common. You can leverage this detail to attract new customers with Facebook ads, or by providing customer service through social media. With Facebook ads, you can target a custom audience. The advanced targeting options allow you to target a lookalike audience, in which Facebook determines all the relevant data points of the source audience and targets those who have similar demographics, income group, behavior, etc. Here the source audience is your current customers. You can upload the email list of your current customers as a source audience. This way you can reach and attract those who haven’t heard about your business in the past but are most likely to buy your products.

  • Reward current customers for referrals:

Your current customers are the best ambassadors of your business. They have firsthand experience with your products and services. Thus they are most likely to be trusted about the recommendations and reviews. If they recommend your products to their contacts or refer your business to them then you have more chance to succeed in getting a conversion here than any other scenario. Here, you can provide your customers with one more reason other than good service and quality products to motivate them to recommend your business to their friends, family, and neighbor. Announce some rewards to your customers for referring to new clients. These rewards need not be in the form of cash only, you can reward them with discount coupons, free merchandise, etc.

  • Classified listing

Gone are the days when you had to go to the newspaper or directory publisher’s office and wait for days to publish a classified listing or advertisement of your business. There are hundreds of listing sites where you can list your business within seconds and ensure the same or better results than the old-school yellow page book. If you wish to attract more customers, list your business on as many as possible listing sites as they are more likely to appear on the first page of google search for most of the keywords related to your business. If you don’t know where to start, here is the list of some listing sites where you should list your business right now: Google my business, yelp, IndiaMART, Fact Reserve.

  • Socialize with groups irrelevant to your business:

You might be a member of many social groups, forums related to your business. And you might have already have leveraged these groups to get new clients already. If so, then it is time to move to the groups that are not directly related to your business. You will be shocked to see how many potential clients you might find such groups.

  • Relate with a social cause:

People love the businesses that help the social cause in any way. Also, if you or your business is involved in helping a social cause, your business will automatically be visible to the people who relate to the case and follow the news and articles surrounding it. You don’t need to spend too much monetarily on these, small donations, sponsorship, or sometimes even your time as a volunteer will do the trick. This is an unconventional but effective way to attract more customers to your business.

  • Share your stories:

Everyone wants to know what happens behind the scene, it is human nature to be curious about things. They will relate to you and your business better if you share your stories with them. Share any happening in the form of an interesting story on all your social pages and website. Interesting stories get shared and would attract new people to your social pages or website. All those new visitors to your website are your potential customers.

All the ways mentioned above are very easy to follow, take a little time and money to implement but can significantly help your business to attract new customers. You can take action on these any time, and we suggest right now is the best time to do that.