Android is an everlasting platform. If you are still in the game with your Android applications for the market, then you are doing it right. And if you haven’t thought about one, then this is the time and opportunity!  The percentage of Android users in the world rounds close to 2.3 Billion. Well, that’s a significant number, a number worth spending your resources and money for.  When IDC conducted a research on the market share for various mobile operating systems, it showed a 0.3% decline in the year. Despite this decline in figures, Android versions are still on the top above Windows, iOS, and other operating systems. As Google brings more innovations for the Android OS, it opens up a plethora of opportunities for the business world. With the Android versions we are going to experience a major swing in the performance of Android applications. Android apps are going to conquer the usual glitches with Android Pie in support. In the same way, Android Pie- the latest android version is far better than the previous rollout Android Oreo. You are about to welcome enhanced features such as new navigation systems, screen-time controls, battery optimization and so on. It’s artificial Intelligence capabilities and enhanced privacy features are keen on understanding the users better and serving them better.

A brief account of Latest Android versions

Major Android versions are generally released once per year (though it wasn’t always like this), with monthly security updates released in between. Largely, Google also come up with point updates (.1, .2, etc.), though those usually come without any reliability. Oftentimes, more significant updates that aren’t quite as significant as full version releases warrant a point update—like the update from Android 8.0 to Android 8.1, for example.

Alongside every version of Android is a code name, which many people use instead of the version number. Each one is named after a dessert or some other form of confection, which is more for fun than anything else. The lists of Android versions are as follows that also includes the Latest Android versions.

Now, Android has a higher prospective to fight with the iOS market. As we analyze the various OS updates released so far, it’s quite clear that Google is striving hard to bring continual improvements for their users. Android versions 9.0 Pie braces the presence of Android apps in the market and gives an improved user experience. A mobile app is crucial for anything. For businesses you can reach out big market with your skyrocket Android applications. Unlike the old days, you need not have to be hesitant and worried about the application performance and security. Android Pie offers enterprises to develop applications leading to competitive advantage and accelerated business growth. You have better performing applications using minimal cost-overheads, reaching the right set of customers at the right time.

Features of Latest Android versions- Pie

Some of the most eminent features available in the latest Android versions Pie, from a developer’s point of view, are Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT, support for display cut outs, improved notifications, multi-camera support, neural networks API 1.1, security enhancements, text and magnifier changes, etc.

Indoor WiFi Positioning

The Android versions- Android 9 added the support for the indoor geolocation using Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (IEEE 802.11 mc Wi-Fi protocol). With the supported hardware, devices running Android Pie could use this feature to provide the user location inside a building with an accuracy of 1-2 meters. An app would need ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission and RTT APIs to measure the distance to the nearby Wi-Fi Access Points. The device does not need to connect to the Access Points to use the RTT, because the phone alone is able to determine the distance.

Display cutouts support

There are a large number of new devices with the infinity display that have a small place at the top, reserved for the camera and sensors called the cut out or the notch. With the Android versions 9 cut out support, the apps can take the full benefits of the full-screen content. By calling getDisplayCutout() it can be checked whether the current device has the cut out, and with the DisplayCutout class, it is possible to determine the location and the shape of the non-functional screen surface where the content cannot be seen. A new window layout attribute, layoutInDisplayCutoutMode allows the app to lay out its content around the device’s cut outs. Android 9 authenticate the option, placed in Developer Options, to replicate a display with a cut out, and it is optional to test the apps with this alternative enabled, to make sure that content is displayed properly.

Improved Notification options

The notifications style and function have been improved in the Android versions Pie. The new Messaging Style class enables the possibility to preview the short history of the conversation messages, with the attached photos and stickers, but also to directly reply from the notification itself. Android Pie comes with support to show the contact sign for the messages used in the Notification. Person class and permits displaying the pictures that the user received right in the notification. Some additional features include: the possibility to save replies and drafts, the option to identify if the conversation is a group conversation, the set semantic meaning for an action (such as “mark as read”), the smart reply providing an array of standard responses to the user, the updated Notification Channels, three new Do-Not-Disturb priority categories in Notification Manager. Policy and also seven new Do-Not-Disturb constants that can be used to suppress visual interruptions.

Enhancement in Securities

A series of new security features have been introduced in Android Pie, like high-assurance user confirmation of sensitive transactions and unified fingerprint authentication dialog. Developers no longer need to build their own dialog, but instead, they should use the BiometricPrompt API to show the standard system dialog. The API also supports Face and Iris authentication. The hardware security module has been updated, and the additional key decryption security and APK Signature Scheme v3 have been added.

Become smarter faster and powerful with latest Android Version

So, with the Android versions Pie, Google is redefining Android experience on mobile devices. All the insights about the unreliability of Android apps are soon going to be waterlogged. Here, using the true application objective, strategy, and team is probably being your cue to success.

There are already 3.3 million apps in the Google Play store. The faster you get your Android 9 well-suited applications, the more are your chances to get noticed and nurture. Get started today!

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