Taking advantage of new tools and technology when going out fishing is an ideal way to find and catch fish more efficiently. These technologies include the fishing apps you can install on your mobile devices can be your advantage to achieve fishing success.

Fisherman Helping Apps

Fishing is always fun. However, doing it would be a lot more fun and exciting by installing the fishing apps on your phone. Using these apps would be helpful for you to know the exact time and place for you to go fishing to achieve the best results. As such, here are the five fishing apps you can install on your iOS and Android devices. 


Fishidy is an ideal iOS and Android fishing app you can use to find the best fishing spots. It is a map-based fishing app that offers you the best freshwater and saltwater waterways for your fishing job. Each of these waterways also provides the fishing spot information about the different seasonal fish movements that help you to find and catch more fish. 

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Fishidy also offers you reports about the real-time angler activities that will inform you when and where is the best spot to go fishing. Aside from that, the app also provides a logbook for you to record and share the fish you catch with the other anglers or fishers.

The app offers you with easy to use interface. It also features accurate fishing maps and an interactive map feature. The app also grants you access to a social network that would help you to maximize your fishing potential and achieve the best results. 

Fish Rules

Fish Rules is an essential fishing app that provides you the new and innovative ways to understand saltwater fishing regulations. The app helps users read these rules with its easy to follow format. The data you gather can help you to know if a fish is in season, how big they have to be, how many of them you can catch, and more.

The app allows you to use your phone’s GPS in selecting your fishing location and know the regulation you need. Aside from that, the app also offers a Fish Log feature that enables you to keep track of the fish you catch and the ones you release. That is why installing this app on your phone would surely be helpful for your fishing job. 


FishAngler is an excellent fishing app you can install on your iOS or Android device. The app helps you to connect with other anglers, discover new fishing spots, and get real-time weather forecasts. The app also enables you to share photos and experiences and share your fishing success to other anglers and fishers.

FishAngler app allows you to know the best times to go fishing with its real-time fishing forecast. The app also helps you to explore fishing maps that show the locations and the species of fish you can catch. Thus, using the app would ensure you catch fish easier with a few taps of your phone. 


Fishbrain is one of the best and the most potent fishing apps you can install on your mobile device. The app allows you to do online mobile logging, social networking, and photo sharing with other anglers. Thus, the app helps you to record the fish you catch, the bait you used, and your location as well.

The app can provide you with over 300 species of fish and the tips and tricks on how you can catch them. Aside from that, the app can also offer you a collection of unique fishing spots that would be helpful for doing your fishing job more efficiently. The app can also help you track down even the rarest species of fish all over the world. 

Pro Angler

Pro Angler is an excellent fishing app you can use for your fishing job. The app offers you all the information you need to enhance your fishing experience. The app can provide you with the particular species of fish and angling techniques on how you can catch them.

On the other hand, you can also use the app’s tide tables, solunar data, and real-time weather forecast to know the best time to go fishing. Pro Angler app can also guide your boat with the help of its GPS Hot Spots as well as offering you thousands of Local Bait Shops, IGFA Weigh Stations, Boat Launches, and more.


It’s also best to bring old fashioned devices, tools, and items for your fishing trip. An example of these are nets, pole hooks, knife, and first aid kits. You should also bring food and drinking water if you’re considering staying for long. Lastly, you should wear a skeleton watch or any sort of watch to help keep you track of time.

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Fishing is an excellent pastime or hobby for a lot of people. However, some take fishing more seriously. The feeling of catching a huge trophy fish is unbelievably good. It may sound easy, but finding a huge fish can be very difficult. If you’re not prepared, then you might not even get the chance to encounter one.

The apps mentioned above can help you find the fish you’ve been dreaming of catching. With a bit more preparation, both physically and mentally, you’ll soon land that trophy and have stories to tell.