How to make a blog? Many of you have been came here by thinking how to create a blog in your mind. Keep reading this post as all of your problems will be solved here. Hey buddies, what is going on there! Hope you all are fine and enjoying our brand stuff. We always come up with some new ideas and topics that you would love to read. Today again we are back with most discussed and requested topic that is how to start a blog in 2020. People always ask me about how to start a blog, how to create a blog or how to make money blogging. Many people think that blogging in 2020 will not give them success as too many competitors are there in current scenario. But that is not all true, your blogging career depends on how much you have knowledge about particular topic and how you express it in front of audience or readers. We will guide you each and every step in blogging from how to create a blog to how to earn some good bucks from it. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

What is blog?

how to start a blog

Before getting deep information about how to create a blog, understand what blog is actually. Basically blog is the website where you share your knowledge or any information you are familiar with in order to share it with the surrounding people and audience throughout the world. The topics for blog are random and you have freedom to choose the topic for your blog. People usually create blog on celebrity news, some local news, electronics and gadgets information where as many women influencers choose food niche or beauty and products topic for their blog. You need great knowledge about the topic that you are holding in your blog. Also if you are looking to how to create a blog then you need to be a great writer as well to interact with the readers in better way. People usually create blog for earning some bucks but if you are thinking about how to make money blogging at very beginning then believe me, you will not get success. Before searching on the internet about how to start a blog, you must have skills and some extraordinary or different knowledge than other. People love to learn some new and there are lots of results present on the google so if you want to fetch audience then you must be different than others. After getting much audience and readers, you can think about how to make money blogging. We are providing all information about blogging that will help you to how to blog like pro.

Why people start blogging

how to start a blog

There are lots of reason why people start blog. Some of them start blogging for earning purpose where as some start blog for educational purpose like Wikipedia and some of them do blogging for promotional purpose. Before thinking how to start a blog, you must think what it should ne for. If you are thinking to how to make money blogging then also you have many ways like earning through promotional content or AdSense. If you are thinking to gain as much as possible audience to your blog then you must think how to blog like pro and what you need for that. Usually people create blog for following purpose-

Make money from home

If you are student having a good knowledge about something and you think that it could help you to earn money by sharing your knowledge then you must think about how to make money blogging but before that your first intension should be providing a excellent stuff to your audience and readers. The readers love to read the content where the information is shared in native language like the Hindi reader would love to read content in Hindi language over the English. Also people love to read the experience over the experiments. So if you explain everything in your own experience then it will help to fetch some good audience. And good audience means good revenue. Hehe!!

Share your story

If you are youtuber and would love to share your travelling experience through articles then you can think about how to start a blog and your intension should be to explain everything about your travelling experience without thinking how to make money blogging. Some of youtuber or celebrities don’t know about how to blog, their team simply handle it to share their photos, clicks, videos and everything.

To learn and find new topics

While thinking about how to start a blog or how to make money blogging, you must think about how much content you are going to put on your blog. After some time of starting blog, you feel like no topic is remained and you start to think to leave blogging. Solution over this problem is here. You can add comment section in your blog that will help your audience and reader to comment their experience and opinion about your article and they would suggest you about new topics. People always describe their problems, pros and cons about your article so pick up that points and write blog articles on it. It will also help you to how to blog like pro.

The internet is growing tremendously and hence huge audience you can get easily. Gaining viewers and audience is much simpler than it was before decades. But keeping those audience stick to your blog is the real hard work you have to face. As soon as you learn to how to manage your audience, you will be all set in blogging world. You will not need to search on internet about how to start a blog or how to make money blogging or how to blog like pro etc.

How to start a blog

how to start a blog

Blogging needs lot of activities and maintenance from you. You need to manage some small things that we will explain further. Before going to dive into blog, you must search on the google about how to start a blog or how to make a blog, find information as much as possible regarding to blogging. Decide your niche or topic that you want to start a blog on. After setting up small things, think how to blog like pro. After some time of experience, you will learn how to manage all those things and after gaining much experience and good audience, you can think about how to make money blogging.

Follow the steps given below that we have listed step by step in order to understand it easily. Don’t miss any of them as it might generate problem. Here we go!

  1. Decide perfect niche/topic for your blog
  2. Decide which platform is suitable for your blog
  3. Select brand domain name for blog
  4. Get hosting for your blog
  5. Getting started with WordPress
  6. Select appropriate theme and customize it
  7. Think how to blog like pro and publish your articles
  8. Promote your blog for faster growth
  9. Think how to make money blogging

Before you directly dive into the blogging career, I recommend you to go through these points, read them and analyze carefully. You will find detailed information below on each steps.

How to start a blog (Step by step guide)

Deciding Perfect niche for your blog

You have lot of topics and niches you can write a blog on , but it does not make any sense. You should only one particular topic for your blog to keep your audience with you. A specific niche is very important to become famous among other competitors. Other than this, if you are willing to earn via AdSense then it will be helpful for the google to place which ads are related to your content. So before thinking on how to make a blog, think on which niche, you are going to create a blog.

How to choose perfect niche

Choosing niche or topic for your blog is very simple. Generally men choose the topics like electronics, products reviews, games and arena, body building etc. where as women prefer the topics like beauty and cosmetics, health and personal care etc. Although you have freedom to choose any of topics without keeping in mind that you are men or women, how much knowledge you have matters. You should niche in which you have deep information and you are confident that you can write any type of article on it. After deciding the niche, go for next step.

Deciding Blogging platform

If anyone of your friend circle or family member knows how to make a blog then you may have some information regarding it. There are bunch of platforms where you can start your blogging. Some of them are WordPress, weebly, wix, BlogSpot etc. After thinking about how to start a blog, and completing your first step of choosing niche, you should think about which blogging platform is suitable for you. If you are going to give a try to blogging to understand simple and basic things then you can choose free platforms like, or etc. You will get your domain name and free hosting for your blog as well as free tools to customize your blog. But if you have even little knowledge and experience, go for premium hoisting and personal domain name that will help you to create identity of your blog. Premium hosting is necessary if your blog is generating huge audience daily and to maintain these readers, you must need premium hosting. If you are going to buy a hosting then we recommend you Bluehost which is amazing hosting provider and personally WordPress suggest Bluehost for your blog. You will get amazing service from the Bluehost as more than 2 million websites are hosted on bluehost.

Select brand domain name for your blog

Just thinking on how to make a blog is not enough. Choosing a brand name for your blog also matters a lot. If your domain name consist the most usually searched word, then your blog can rank to higher position. Lot of people waste their time in searching how to create a blog ending with giving up as they can’t find any good name for their blog. You can get domain name for your blog from many provider but we suggest you to buy from Bluehost as buying domain + hosting from bluehost will be much cheaper than buying it from other provider. It usually cost you 10 to 15$ per annum for .com domain. You can choose any domain extension like .net or .me but many blogger prefer .com most.

Get hosting for your blog

how to create a blog

Most basic steps of how to create a blog are completed. Now time to get hosting for your blog. Bluehost is excellent option for the hosting your blog. Bluehost provides you 24/7 support, awesome performance and maintenance. Hosting is one of the crucial thing in your blogging career, choosing wrong hosting may lead to lose your audience. Around 99% blogger would recommend you to opt for Bluehost.

Start your blog on WordPress

How to start a blog

Getting your blog on WordPress is very easy. You need to install WordPress using your control panel from your hosting account. Before that, let’s see how to buy hosting and how to set up your WordPress account.

  1. Visit bluehost from here or you can click on Bluehost Banners. You will see the banner of free domain and site builder, one click WordPress install and 30 day money back guarantee. Below that, click on ‘get started now’.
  2. You will get different hosting plan and this is actually start of the how to create a blog. Selecting right plan is most important. If your blog is new and don’t have much reader daily then prefer to choose basic plan, if you are intermediate blogger then choose plus plan and when your blog fetch thousands of readers daily then you must choose prime plan for smoother experience of reader.
  3. Click on select plan according to you and go for next step.
  4. Bluehost provides you facility buy domain from their platform so you don’t need to look another separate platform for domain.
  5. Just enter domain that you want, if it is available then you can proceed else try different domain name. If it is available then proceed for next step.
  6. Now you will be asked for the registration on bluehost where you have to fill your personal information like your name, business name, country, state, zip code, phone number etc.
  7. Then you have to choose hosting package of one year or two year or three year. Obviously three year package worth cheaper than other but need higher investment at a time. Checkout and pay your bill.

Installing WordPress for your blog

More than half steps of the topic, how to create a blog, are completed where we have our domain and hosting along with good niche. Now it’s time to install your WordPress where you write your posts and manage them.

To install your WordPress, go to cPanel account and look for ‘my site’ section. You will see the option to install WordPress, click on it. Now your WordPress account is ready, let’s look how to make a blog article for your blog.

Selecting appropriate theme for your blog

Before thinking on how to make a blog, you must think about what should be it for. If you are looking for how to blog under news category then you need to publish daily three to four articles and so that you also need optimized theme for your blog. If you are looking for how to blog under promotional offers or creating gallery then you have choose theme where you will have much space to upload your photos, images and information in proper way.

You will get thousands of theme on WordPress but some are only works with unique topics. Before searching on internet how to make a blog, you may have some idea about the themes. You can see different themes for news blogs, beauty blogs and educational blogs. Before selecting themes for your blog, consider following things.

  • Check description of theme – Description itself says the short information of theme, you can easily get idea about it.
  • Check compatibility – Before applying the theme, check whether it is responsive that is, suitable for mobile, pc, tablet etc.
  • Check user ratings – Before choosing the theme, check the user rating, which is great part of theme life.

Though there are lot of free themes you can use for your blog, some blogger prefer to choose premium themes which cost usually 50$ to 500$, these themes have some special advantages and features over free themes. Some expert blogger also look for custom theme where the developers or designers customize the existing theme or create a theme as per blogger needs. Customizing the theme may cost 300$ to 5000$ which is not a good deal for newbie blogger.

How to Blog like pro

After setting up your WordPress account and customizing the theme, think how to blog in good way so that readers actually like it and will return to your blog regularly. Just searching about how to make a blog is not enough, you need to upload a regular and fresh content that will be loved by readers. Be active on social media and internet to get new and spicy topics and remember that, never copy any content from other site. Coping any content will cause to drop your rank in google search engine as google don’t want any copied content to be ranked.

When I was newbie in blogging career, I used to search on internet about how to create a blog, how to make a blog and like that every time. Everywhere I got same answer that blogging is not meant to copy anything. Even you have knowledge about very silly thing, if you have technique to express them into good words that people would love to read, you will be successful in blogging world. Let me tell you some quick tips about how to blog like pro.

The main step of how to start a blog actually starts here. Getting domain and hosting for your blog is not enough. You need to upload content on regular basis. Not publishing any content from long time will lead to drop your rank from google search engine. At least try to upload content twice or thrice a week and keep updating your old blog post to ensure that google search engine will not drop its rank.

Another thing, just searching ‘how to create a blog’ or ‘how to make a blog’ will not make you a good blogger. Along with Writing content also need a SEO (search engine optimization) to rank that article on google search engine. Google have specific algorithm that decides which website will get which rank. The SEO is important for ranking your article. Good SEO means good rank which means lot of users, indirectly good SEO means good revenue. I hope you have got some idea about how to blog in good way.

Promote your blog for faster growth

You are now all set. You have domain name, hosting, idea about how to blog- how to create a blog and enough content to upload. Now stop thinking about how to start a blog, how to make a blog, stop searching on internet about how to create a blog. Now only look for promoting your blog to gain as much as audience possible in less time.  As you know digital marketing made promoting anything very simple. Similar to product marketing, you can promote your blog using various ways. You can promote your blog using other blog which has lot of daily visitors, you can promote your blog through youtuber, or by giving ads in YouTube or any social platform like Facebook or snapchat etc.

There are plenty of ways to promote your blog in 2020 as lot of tools and social media platforms are available. Now don’t search how to start a blog anywhere as you have learned everything about ‘how to make a blog’ step by step. Just you need some time to master in each step. After getting perfectness in writing content and handling SEO, go for money blogging.

How to make money blogging

how to make money blogging

After getting bunch of daily visitors, you could generate some good revenue through it. If you search on internet that how to make money blogging then you will get lot of ways. But for each and every way that can generate revenue, need good visitors on your blog. Without visitors, your blog is nothing. If you have spent your time in searching how to make a blog, then spend some more time to think which way is suitable for you to earn money through your blog. You can apply for google AdSense which places ads on your blog. You can earn good bucks through ads as different ads have different value. If your blog has high value content then google places higher value ads which leads to generate more revenue. Another way to earn through your blog is to upload promotional offers. You can combine with some online businesses and help them to promote their business, in return you will be paid for the article that you publish on your blog. Another great way to earn through your blog is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is good way to earn money if you have more than 10 thousand daily active visitors. You can earn money by many ways, just think extraordinary.

Final words about how to make a blog

When I was about to complete my diploma graduation, I was always thinking about how to make a blog. I also watched many videos on YouTube to get quick idea for how to start a blog but always something was missing. Then I started to gossip with my friends who has his own blog and I always disturbing him by asking tell me how to create a blog where I can earn money, and every time I was getting same answer- don’t think about money for year from starting the blog. After so many tries, I finally reached to last step of getting good visitors daily on my blog and then I came to know actual life cycle of how to start a blog. Just searching on internet about how to start a blog or how to create a blog will not help you to master to blogging career, you need face many hurdles, problems. After that you will get aroma of success. I hope you will not need to search how to start a blog on the internet again. After reading this article, your all problems might have been solved. If you have still any issue, don’t hesitate to drop your comment in comment section. Happy blogging!

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