What’s happening folks, you all might already aware of the new iPhone 11 series that is launched recently by Apple. This is not the first time, every year, just before winters, Apple always come with a Bang! And it all started after the launch of the iPhone 7. Apple is making it’s phones better every year and that is why today it is the number one smartphone company in the whole world.

This time Apple has launched two new smartphones, Iphone 11 and iPhone 11 pro, today in this article, we are going to do iphone 11 review so let’s talk about iPhone 11. From the features itself, we can say that iPhone 11 is an upgraded version of the iPhone XR

I’ll make this simple for you, if you’re an iOS person then its time to get a new phone and you don’t want to spend 1000$, you should get an iPhone 11. Its a really good phone with one of the best cameras I’ve ever seen on a smartphone and excellent battery life. Prices are already been dropped by Apple by 50 bucks.

That doesn’t mean the iPhone 11 is a perfect phone or that it even has all of the best specs and features that you can get. It doesn’t, but it shines where it counts it’s totally fine everywhere else. And, if you do wanna live on the bleeding edge of tech you can spend $300 more and get an iPhone 11 Pro. But I think most people looking for an iPhone upgrade, don’t need to overthink this. Just get an iPhone 11, you’ll be happy.

Let me tell you why. The iPhone 11 is essentially the S update of the popular iPhone 10 R. Last year it has the same design, the same 6.1-inch and 720p LCD screen with elegantly rounded corners, the same large bezels, and the same aluminum body. From the front it looks almost exactly like an iPhone 10 R. But, Apple says it made the glass in the front and the back a little stronger, the water resistance is a bit better and the camera bump on the back is now milled directly on the glass, which is a bit tidy. And it comes in a lot of new pastel colors.

The whole design is still a small surfboard and is definitely not small. If you are looking to upgrade from an iPhone SE then this thing will feel huge, but in reality, the only important difference between the iPhone 10 R and the iPhone 11 are the cameras, the slightly better battery life and the new processor.

5 Things To Know About The New iPhone 11

This is the iPhone 11. No Pro. No Max. The most basic iPhone you can get right now. And for most people, it’s the one you should buy, so here are the five things you should know about it.

iphone 11


1. Its Cheaper

The iPhone 11 costs $ 700. That’s $ 300 cheaper than the Pro and that means fewer cameras and less battery life, but it also means some weird things, as the bezels actually look much thicker and the glass on the back may be the toughest so far, but it is also a great fingerprint magnet. It just feels a bit bright and slippery compared to the Pro. But the biggest difference is the screen, which takes us to number two.

2. The Screen

The iPhone 11 has a 6.1 LCD screen. It is a little bigger than the iPhone Pro and a little smaller than the Pro Max. It is a really nice LCD screen, but there are some notable differences between iPhone 11 and the Pro. Mainly it is not so bright and probably will not be as energy-efficient.

3. Image Sensor

So let’s talk about number three, the image sensor. The camera sensor is a great improvement. The iPhone 11 has a new sensor, so you are going to get a 4K video of up to 60 frames per second, with a much better dynamic range. That means that the shots that should be completely turned off by the sunset are pleasant and peaceful. It also means that you can use the new night mode, which is only on 11 and Pro.

The Night mode allows you to take shots that would otherwise be too blurry or dark, but you have to choose between it and the flash that only works with a lens in the camera. Which brings us to the fourth thing you need to know about the iPhone 11.

4. Only Two Cameras At The Back

The cheap one only has two cameras on the back. Now, one is the same 26-millimeter lens found on the Pro, 10r and 10s. The other is the equivalent of a full 13mm Lens on a full front camera. That is super wide, so the photos are super dramatic, sometimes too dramatic. 

5. Battery Life

Let’s talk about battery life. The fifth thing you should know about the iPhone 11 is it has pretty solid battery life. That is, it is not as good as the Pro or the Pro Max,  but it is better than the 10r, that’s pretty good.

Now, if you are really upset about the lack of zoom or the battery life or the screen is a bit blurry at the edges, do it, spend $ 300 more and get the Pro. But for everyone else, honestly, I think that 11 is more than enough.

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In this article, we have talked about some features of the iPhone 11, we have compared it with other variants also. We have also seen why it is better than XR. I think iPhone 11 is a better choice, if you are planning to buy an iPhone XR, then I think you should consider this one. Apple has done amazing work on iPhone 11 whether you talk about its body, battery or cameras,it is far better than iPhone XR.

If you think we have missed something in this article then you can comment below and if you have any doubts or confusions then drop your comment below we are always happy to help you.