There was a time when people used to spend hours writing content. Even the process was so complex that he had to spend those many numbers of hours checking one paragraph by keeping spelling and sentence formation they had to continue forward. Right now things have become so advanced that you can easily find writing tools where you just need to know how to write rest there tool used to handle.

Grammarly vs ProWritingAid

Starting from spelling mistakes, wrong sentence formation, wrong punctuation or the clarity in your content everything can be revealed at the same time when you are typing. This saves a lot of time as it highlights the wrong spelling and once you click suggest the right one too. Several writing tools are present in the market but the best among them is Grammarly and ProWritingAid. Come let’s have a ProWritingAid tool review.

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ProWritingAid stays more close to styling, syntax, and structure of the content that you are writing while Grammarly is more focused on the sentence formation and grammar part.

If you are writing some big content, then ProWritingAid is best, but if you are writing some small content, then Grammarly will work fine.

Writing score and engagement of user – this feature is presented in a much better way in Grammarly as compared to ProWritingAid. There are several other aspects like Correctness, clarity, delivery, etc which makes Grammarly better than ProWritingAid.

Integration with social media

Grammarly offers a special feature that is the integration with all the writing platforms whether it be mail, word or any other. All of them get support from grammar by Grammarly. In ProWritingAid this is done too but the way it is done is not user-friendly.

Plagiarism checker

This is a feature that Grammarly misses and ProWritingAid covers up. Along with checking the spelling and other aspects of your content, ProWritingAid can also tell you whether the text is copied or self wrote.


ProWritingAid used to generate a proper report based upon the quality of content the user has written. The same doesn’t happen in Grammarly. This report also covers the speed of writing, which is again an add-on feature ProWritingAid is having.

Visualize the sentence length and context

This feature is present in both of the writing tools where the tone of the sentence is been visualized. Based upon that tone, a rating out of 5 is been given to the user. This helps the user to change the sentence at the very moment if that sounds awkward or odd at any point in time. Not only this, the length of the sentence has to stay up to a limit that is also covered in this feature. As the user jumps from the size of the line then a red alert is been shown and at the same time, the score starts decreasing. This rapid review of the content simultaneously while writing the content is a specialty of both of them over others.

Find repeated words

When we write some content, then one thing that matters is the repetition of a word within a line or in a paragraph. If you are using the same word again and again, then it somewhere shows that your writing skills are not very good. To avoid this, ProWritingAid identifies the repetition of words and reports it at the very point. In Grammarly, this feature misses up.

Storage space

These writing tools give you the platform where you can write and at the same time can store your content. A particular amount of storage capacity provided for free, and if you want to increase that, then you can pay a little extra. You can even download these writing tools in your system and can access them without even starting your browser.

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Final Verdict

This was the ProWritingAid took the review and the features in which it is better and behind to Grammarly has been listed down. If we count the number of benefits and limitations in both of them, then they are somewhere similar rather ProWritingAid is ahead to Grammarly. These tools will make your writing experience much better. Just go sign in, start writing, save and share your content without any hustle.