Patient advocacy has been key in gaining rights for individuals to use cannabis under the care of a physician world-wide. Patient advocates must over come cultural fears of the cannabis plant, the illegal status of the use of cannabis as a medicine, and the gap in education for patients and medical professionals. While we may speak different languages and live under varying governmental structures; compassion, science and human health are the same in every language, in every country, and in every doctors office. Want to avoid all the hassle and stress of transporting cannabis products? Sign up for a free account on Weedmaps to find the best dispensaries, storefronts, doctors, and deals wherever you’re traveling. Other major bus lines that operate in the U.S., such as Peter Pan, Megabus, and Flixbus, may have similar policies in place.

This carries a minimum penalty of up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for the first offense. Ms. Riddle, 31, a nursing assistant from southern Oregon, was traveling with her son Landon, 9, and uses medical marijuana to treat his severe nerve pain from chemotherapy, as well as her own chronic pain. She was on her way to a medical conference in Dallas to talk about her son’s medical marijuana use and was “praying and meditating that we’d make it through security,” when a Transportation Security Administration agent pulled the bottle out of her bag. Peak Supply Co offers one of the largest strain-specific terpene and flavor-infused blends inventories and bulk terpene isolate selections on the internet. We release new strains every week making our company the one-stop shop for your terpene needs.

  1. The dispensary will retain a copy of the card as well as a second form of ID, such as a driver’s license, and will require visiting patients to sign a form affirming that they have been diagnosed by a healthcare provider to have a qualifying condition.
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  3. Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, and the rights and privileges for medical cannabis patients vary from state to state.
  4. Hawaii 329 Registration Cards for out-of-state patients are valid for 60 days, and the patient may apply for a 329 card up to 60 days before the requested start date.
  5. Peak Supply Co offers one of the largest strain-specific terpene and flavor-infused blends inventories and bulk terpene isolate selections on the internet.

The mission of CFCR is to assist the government, and specifically-federal regulatory agencies, to rethink, develop, and implement evidence-based cannabis regulations. Our overarching goal is the de-stigmatization, normalization, and legitimization of cannabis on behalf of consumers, professionals, organizations, and businesses who support and serve them. We do this by serving as a conduit for informed scientific research, inclusive education, and by mainstreaming the best practices that enable the industry to maximize its potential. At this point, you cannot bring marijuana on Amtrak trains, even with a card. The use or transportation of marijuana in any form for any purpose is prohibited, even in states or countries where recreational use is legal or permitted medically. At one point, Amtrak long-distance trains had a smoking room, but from second-hand information, I learned these rooms were ineffective at exchanging air.

Even for cannabis tourists flocking to states with well-established medical or adult-use (aka “recreational”) markets, there are still plenty of ways that an ill-informed decision can damper your pot pilgrimage. This technology works to neutralize odors and trap harmful chemicals, gases, and bacteria. Make sure you’re prepared the next time you want to travel with cannabis, no matter the size of the package you’re bringing along. But traveling with cannabis isn’t always legal, and largely depends on your mode of transportation, how you store your cannabis, where you live, the transportation company’s policies, among other factors.

Things can get a little more complicated when you’re cruising up the Pacific Coast or through the Rocky Mountains in a rental car. For instance, some rental car companies have a policy in place to charge you with cleaning fees if the car smells like weed upon return. According to customer service representatives at Hertz rental car at LAX, the company charges a $300 fee when a returned vehicle contains the smell of marijuana.


Laws for driving with cannabis in legal cannabis states are evolving, and—you guessed it—complicated. But in other legal states, like Nevada, airport-wide bans on cannabis may be in place. Here are the most important things to know if you plan on bringing cannabis on your next trip. To Ms. Riddle’s surprise, the officer told her that, while it’s illegal to fly with marijuana and he was obliged to call the police, instead, he would just throw the bottle in the trash and wouldn’t report her. “Many supporters of the policy believe that the new regulations will allow Amtrak to generate new revenue streams by enabling it to cultivate a ‘leisure travel’ market, particularly for long-distance sight-seeing routes.


In the absence of such amnesty boxes, patients may wish to discreetly dispose of any remaining cannabis in a trash can before undergoing security screening. If you’ve found out that you can legally bring weed with you on your trip, congratulations, now you just need to consider storage. There’s no understating the importance of containing the smell, no matter the mode of transportation or final destination. Using odor-proof containers and bags will keep any away unwanted attention and show respect for fellow travelers who might not be fond of the aroma. Additionally, just because you’re in a legal state doesn’t mean you can legally set foot in an airport with weed. Marijuana possession or use is strictly prohibited at the Denver International Airport (DIA), according to the Colorado airport’s most recent passenger conduct policy.

Visiting patients are limited to two 60-day terms per calendar year, and there is a non-refundable fee of $49.50 per application. Cannabis products sold through licensed producers are subject to state regulations that safeguard patients to some extent. CBD & “Hemp-Derived” products sold in retail environments such as gas stations, corner stores, online, or even pharmacies have no regulatory oversight.

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Visiting patients may access Rhode Island’s compassion centers (dispensaries) with their home-state medical cannabis cards and another form of photo ID issued by their home state such as a driver’s license. Out-of-state patients will be required to complete a Compassion Center intake form to be entered into the Compassion Center’s tracking system, however, the state does not require a fee to participate in the program. Patients with a valid medical cannabis ID card or its equivalent from their home state who have a medical condition recognized by Arkansas law are eligible to participate in Arkansas’ medical cannabis program but must obtain a Visitors Medical cannabis ID . Visiting patients must fill out the visiting patient application and pay a non-refundable $50.00 fee to get a Visitors ID, this process will take a minimum of 14 days. (Visiting patients who do not have a qualifying condition that has been approved in Arkansas will not be able to secure legal access) . Even though most states permit the medical use of cannabis in some form, and many allow cannabis use for adults 21 and older, traveling remains a challenge for patients, especially for those who require uninterrupted access to cannabis treatments.

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New Jersey has both medical and adult use cannabis programs, but its medical cannabis program is limited to residents only. Montana has both medical and adult use cannabis programs, but its medical cannabis program is limited to residents only. Massachusetts has both medical and adult use cannabis programs, but its medical cannabis program is limited to residents only.

Visiting patients cannot receive cannabis via the state’s gifting provisions or purchase cannabis from medical cannabis dispensaries. If the out-of-state card does not have an expiration date, the weed on amtrak patient will be required to submit additional documentation. Unlike some other states, Hawaii will not accept a medical cannabis certification/recommendation in lieu of a medical cannabis card.

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Ganja Goddess is a licensed medical and adult-use cannabis delivery company that curates a wide variety of cannabis products, carefully selected from our favorite growers, brands, and manufacturers. Popular ridesharing companies safeguard themselves in fine print for example Uber states that using its app “to commit any crime – such as transporting drugs… or to violate any other law is strictly prohibited. It is important to remember that rideshare drivers are using their personal vehicles and that some may object to the smell of cannabis in their car. To be respectful of the driver and his or her vehicle, patients are encouraged to explore scent-reducing or -eliminating storage and transportation solutions. Operators of other popular forms of transportation have also created restrictive policies regarding cannabis.

Cindrich explained that in some areas of California, such as the roads leading out of the Emerald Triangle’s legendary cultivation hub, local police will be on the lookout for drivers who possibly have cannabis in the vehicle. The same goes for counties that have more restrictive cannabis laws despite statewide legalization. Once you’re driving from one city to another, all within a state that has legalized adult-use cannabis, the laws become less restrictive, though there are certain nuances to consider. While states with adult-use will typically allow drivers to travel with legal amounts of cannabis, it ultimately depends on where you’re traveling. If you’re planning on bringing weed with you, or even purchasing cannabis products once you arrive, knowing what to consider regarding the transport, storage, and consumption of your stash should be included when making your travel itinerary. At this point, you may have (rightly) come to the conclusion that it’s a good idea to purchase a smell-proof bag for your cannabis.

Visiting patients are advised that Missouri prohibits the consumption of cannabis in any public place. Arizona recognizes valid medical cannabis ID cards or their equivalent from other medical cannabis states, permitting a patient to possess and consume cannabis & cannabis products but does not allow them to purchase them from medical cannabis dispensaries. Public consumption of cannabis edibles is authorized but smoking cannabis in any public place is prohibited by law. New Mexico’s reciprocity program permits visiting patients to purchase, possess, and consume medical cannabis.

Patients should travel with their current and valid medical cannabis ID cards (or their equivalents) issued by their home state in case of any potential interaction with law enforcement. Medical cannabis patients from the states to which Maine extends reciprocity may use their current and valid home-state patient ID cards and a current and valid photo identification such as a driver’s license to purchase cannabis through Maine’s medical program. Maine also allows out-of-state adults who are 21 years of age or older with a current government identification issued by their home state to purchase and possess cannabis in Maine. Puerto Rico does not impose a residency requirement for qualifying patients, meaning that non-resident patients may obtain a Puerto Rican medical cannabis card by visiting an authorized healthcare provider, completing the application process, and paying $25.