Given investment time and effort to initiate a career in project management in a PRINCE2 certification? Version 2, Framework and Practitioner Certifications (PRINCE2) or Project of Controlled Environments, are among the world’s most popular project management certifications.

A PRINCE2 certificate has many explanations. Some are clear, others don’t and often it is only an employer’s duty to get PRINCE2 approval. Read a list of the ten most important reasons why the PRINCE2 qualification tests take place annually among thousands of practitioners worldwide! Prince2 practitioner exam simulator will help you get the certification easily. 

So the question arises: what is the right certification? This is certainly not a straightforward decision, but don’t worry–we have done a great deal of hard work! This article provides a summary of PRINCE2 Vs PMP certifications, significant advantages, and prospects for each. Just read the right range!

PMP VS Prince2:

You have probably wondered about the measures you need to take to get your work accredited, if you are in project management, or if you always wanted to immerse yourself in this Thrivent discipline. Both the PMP ® and PRINCE2 ® certifications are well-established in the industry and can support your knowledge of core project management principles for managers and their application throughout the entire project management lifecycle.

So the question arises: what is your correct certification? This is certainly not an easy option, but don’t panic–we’ve done a lot of your hard work!

Two different project management frameworks are included in PRINCE2 ® and PMP ® Certification. Both offer a wide range of knowledge and a proven approach to project management. The choice to choose one over the other requires several factors. The ideal choice should be based on your company or industry and the type of project you plan to lead or direct. Although in different aspects of project management, both certification programs have equal value.

Six reasons to become PRINCE2 qualified:

1. Develop your project management abilities:

A greatly improved Project Management Skillset always provides the most obvious benefit. A professional learns and begins to develop better, more efficient project management skills with PRINCE2 training.

You must hear about a large number of project managers ‘ methods, vocabulary, structure, collaborative processes, and procedures and gain all the skills necessary for the effective development, implementation, control, and execution of projects. PRINCE2 accredited practitioners generally follow a PMP model approach and are more robust and responsive with experience of both sets of best practices.

With this, you can easily adapt all your PRINCE2 projects to your requirements and track all the projects that you handle nearby.

2. It is easy to start: 

The time required to obtain the certificate, the expenses accrued and the delay in your other parts of the workplace are critical factors to consider before obtaining the credential. Preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam is the unique advantage to start with. This means that you can obtain a real certification for project management without spending a great deal of training time and high costs.

3. PRINCE2 More a Methodology than a Manual: 

In comparison to other PMP certifications (i.e. PMP, IPMA), PRINCE2 places greater emphasis on the set of principles for project management which it encompasses than on a rigidly controlled instruction book.

It explains all processes, stages, and the roles and tasks associated with a project as a technical reference guide. You won’t tell how to micro-manage the project’s next mission but will make sure you truly understand and control all project concepts and processes.

4. Get a Certification in Hand: Some Other Exams Later!

After the practice is over, you simply have to take the test with your learning company or take a public review. There are no time-consuming and complicated registration procedures and no audit process is required for your application, such as when you apply for a PMP examination.

5. PRINCE2 Professionals Licensed earn the big dollars!

Project managers with PRINCE2 qualifications earn an average wage of more than GBP 50.000 and are one of Europe’s top practitioners.

Your qualification is acknowledged worldwide with your PRINCE2 certificate. The PRINCE2 is now a de facto project management framework in many parts of the world, established under the oversight of the UK Government. It is used by businesses, private and commercial companies globally and continues to grow internationally, including in the USA, Asia, and Africa.

6. The project management take-up for PRINCE2 fits with various companies well!

The project manager in PRINCE 2 is not the sole hero and superstar of the project, unlike other Project Management Certifications. The PRINCE2 teams have clearly defined roles and responsibilities and they are spread through their ventures. Therefore, even if the project manager still plays a key role in the success or failure of a venture, he is not the only person to blame for failure in PRINCE2.

Also, the shared roles and responsibilities in a PRINCE2 project support their success and minimize opportunities for the failure of a project.