VK is known for the Russian version of Facebook. I mean VK is well known social media platform all across Europe. Vk means “Vkontakte”. The social networking app can be used in plenty of languages. VK has similarities such as you can send receive messages, make conversations, upload photos, videos and make friends. Moreover, you can make the search for finding out new peoples, join groups and communities. Even though VK is very similar to Facebook, but when it comes to the dangers, Vk is far more superior to social media app and websites than ever Facebook. Young kids and teens use Vk and harbors sexual fantasies on their digital devices using Vk social media app.

Why VK is dangerous for teens and kids?

  • Vk allow users to share videos alongside files
  • You can make friends on VK without knowing someone you would like to be friend with
  • You can share musically sexually explicit videos
  • Free the Nipples movement on VK
  • VK is highly popular social app among teens
  • Online trolling and cyber bullying is common on VK
  • Porn communities alongside sharing of videos are in large number on Vk

Get your eyes on VK statistics for a while

  • Vk has minimum 210 million users all across the globe and mostly users are teens
  • Almost 5 billion messages sent on VK at regular basis
  • Almost 77% of the users are using VK on their mobile phone devices
  • VK ranks 4th among the top social media apps and websites in the world
  • You can use VK more than 80 languages

It’s been reportedly stated that almost 700000 users on VK uses password “123456” and 400000 Vk users are using password “123456789”. It means VK is a very unsafe social media app for teens. Therefore, parents have to keep an eye on their privacy in terms of name, address, contact, private photos and other activities that can put teens into real danger. Therefore, I am here for parents to guide them to use VK spy software to monitor teens and kid all sorts of activities. You can use cell phone spy software to get your hand s on the VK tracking app to make a check on teen’s activities.

How to get & install VK surveillance software to monitor teen’s activities

If you want to monitor your teen’s VK account to know about what sort of activities they have are producing then you need to visit the official webpage of the cell phone spy app. Once you are on the page then you need to subscribe to the mobile phone tracking app. Besides, you have to go to the email to get your hands on the login password and ID. Now you can get access to the teen’s cell phone device. Once you have the physical access on the phone on which VK is running at the moment then you need to start the installation.

 After you have completed the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target phone. However, from the time you are going to start the activation to the time a pop –up appears on the screen. You have to use it to hide the VK spying app tool on the targeted device. Now you can use the credentials in terms of password and ID and get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone surveillance app. Furthermore, you can visit the multiple tools that empower you to monitor VK activities. Let’s discuss all the tools that allow you to know what is being done on the social media app.

Use VK live screen recorder tools

The end-user can remotely get access to the target device screen in real-time and record back to back short videos of the screen. Furthermore, the recording of the VK screen will be delivered to the web portal where you can see the VK screen recording.


The end users can get access to the target device screen remotely and further you can capture multiple screenshots to know all the activities target users have performed on their mobile phone.


Social media apps have changed the course of our lives and the biggest victims of it are the young generation. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to let teens to explore the social digital world, but to teach them how to use it. However, if you are one of those parents who are worried to make sure teens’ safety on social media and from VK social app in particular. Therefore, the VK surveillance app is the best tool for digital parenting that empowers parents to monitor all the activities teens have performed on all the social media apps and websites including VK. Now stay updated about your teens what they are doing on VK social messaging app.