We know the importance of web hosting and how to choose the appropriate web hosting service provider suitable for our needs. There are different types of web hosting such as shared, virtual private server (VPS), cloud, managed, dedicated server, etc. In this article we would focus on the Dedicated Hosting.

dedicated server hosting

What is a dedicated hosting?

Simply stated when the server only hosts your website it is known as a dedicated server. That means you don’t have to share the disk space or bandwidth with anyone else.

It is very important that you choose a correct hosting plan for your business else you may lose your money. Also it becomes very difficult to switch to a different plan if the existing one doesn’t go well with you. Now the question is why dedicated hosting? Dedicated hosting presents many benefits due to which it can prove suitable for your business. We have discussed in brief the benefits of using dedicated servers. Check out www.quora.com/What-is-the-best-web-hosting-deal-in-2019-on-Black-Friday for some best black Friday deals on hosting.

Higher Uptime and speed

If you are using any desktop software, say QuickBooks, you can see the difference in the load times for yourself. Many accounting firms use QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting on dedicated servers as it augments their productivity.

The dedicated hosting service provider provides support on 24*7 basis. The hardware and network software are maintained by the service provider. This ensures regular maintenance and performance monitoring. The aging parts are replaced on time. There’s no risk of unexpected downtime.

You are the sole user of the server so need not to worry about the traffic. Also dedicated hosting doesn’t support virtualization, thus, increasing the website loading speed compared to cloud or VPS hosting. The higher speed can actually impress your customers.

Cost saving

With a dedicated server, you don’t pay for an entire server room or a full time service administrator. You only have to pay for the services you are using and the provider looks after the upgrades and patches to the hardware. It is responsibility of the dedicated service provider to maintain connectivity and provide an optimal physical environment.

Reliable Bandwidth

In a shared server hosting you may lose bandwidth because there are many other people sharing it. But in a dedicated hosting you receive the same bandwidth all the time. This ensures that your applications are always up and running.

Reliable Processing

With dedicated hosting, you will get the full processing power you have opted for because you are not sharing it with others. The increased performance leads to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Value for money

You get all the benefits of in-house servers and there is zero investment in power, hardware, virtualization, cooling, and management of the servers.


With shared server hosting, everyone has to use the same common operating system and web server. But the dedicated servers can run any operating system. Based on your business requirements, you can have any framework, library or install any web server software. This is particularly helpful for a growing business.

Higher Security

Shared web hosting is not very secure because it is shared by many. It is possible to breach into it and access the hypervisor on virtual hosting platforms. However, you don’t encounter such problems with dedicated servers. The dedicated service providers ensure highest level of security possible and other accounts can’t access their server. The service providers also give network security so that your websites and data stay safe.

Bandwidth Management

You are given a specific bandwidth and you can easily track its usage. Therefore, the management of server hours becomes efficient and simple.

Better Control

If you go for dedicated server hosting here in India, you get access to the root administration perks. This ensures that you have full control of the services. You can install or uninstall applications, customize hardware and optimize settings based on your requirements.

Simple and Manageable

Last but not the least dedicated server hosting in India offers free setup and doesn’t require expert help. You have full control over the services and you can easily manage them.


In a reliable DaaS Windows environment, you get the best returns on every dollar spent as it offers better efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.