team building activities

Every workplace needs to have effective teamwork which results in effectiveness and success. People talk about building teams that are strong and definite, but behind the team building lies several activities that are essential. If you are trying to build successful teams in your workplace, then the following tips would be useful to follow.

By being in a team, you could feel stronger and accompanied. The mission or objectives of your organization can be encountered in a better manner. There is an immense collection of Michael Jackson Costumes on Star wars Jacket, do check it out. We have listed 7 tips for successful team-building activities which would help you in forming a strong and firm team. Give it a read:

Here are 7 successful Tips of team building activities

1. Arrange activities during work hours

No one wants to spend extra time in the office. No matter how much people love their work, they would never appreciate the working weekends or over time. So, instead of calling people on weekends, arrange activities during the working hours. Adjust an hour or two, before or after lunch, where you involve all the team members in activities that could help them connect with each other and understand what they have to do. You can also adjust lunch meetups, where you can provide them with free food for motivation and get their interest in the activity.

2. Introduce volunteer work

You can also introduce volunteer work that could be beneficial to the community locally. People tend to lean towards work which could make them feel happy by helping others. Volunteer work is one of the best activities that you can arrange for a team to bond and connect. The positivity that team feels while bonding together by acts of humanity, is a great way of team building. So, as a leader, you can plan up some volunteer work, maybe helping a shelter home with meals, or a public youth event. It could be anything, the main objective of making the team grow strong would certainly take place.

3. Don’t bound your team to the office desk

Instead of limiting your team to their work station, consider going off-site to let your team communicate and bond with each other. A team building session can also take place in the cafeteria or the board room. As team building shouldn’t be considered as office work, you can plan an offsite visit to make your team believe that it isn’t the work that they are bounded to. Let your team know that they are given freedom to connect and share their views and concerns.

4. Collaboration, not competition

Choose activities which could make your team feel like a collaboration and not competition. When a task becomes a competition, people usually focus on winning rather than focusing on the objective and learning. If you need your team to be built successfully, you have to make your team members believe that they are not competing with each other, but they are backbones to each other.

5. Let it be accessible to every individual

When you indulge people in activities that would bond and connect them, ensure to make it accessible for each individual. If you plan a football match, many would be glad to join, but those with health and physical conditions would feel left out. And when it comes to team-building, you wouldn’t want any of your team member to feel left out, that would be a big hurdle in what you want to accomplish. Plan an activity that every individual could join without being forced. Understand every individual condition and then arrange an activity that seems suitable for everyone.

6. Tell them your expectations

Let your team know what you expect out of them. One of the major steps that you can perform while team-building, is letting your team know what they are capable of. Inform your team with the motive of your activity. Why are you setting up often meetings? What outcome to you expect from out of it? Let your team know that they are important to you. Give out the reason of involving them in team-building activities and set clear expectations.

7.  Gather feedback

As you involve your team members in team-building activities, ensure to gather their feedback after a good time. As some days pass, go to every member individually and thank them for co-operating with you and participating in every activity. Ask for any suggestion that they have for you. Consider their feedback and let them know that their opinion matters and you are here to listen what they have to say.


Focus on the objectives that your team is capable of. Every individual has an importance. A focused and strong team is composed of hard-working individuals, who are enthused by the motivation and appreciation that they receive.