If you are reading this article, chances are you are a political leader who wants to build a website from where he can run his political campaign. In this digital era, a website has become a necessity for conducting your business. 

Choosing the best website builders gives you an online identity and at the same time makes you available for a broader audience and reach.

However, if you are using a wrong or not so popular website builder, then your political campaign, along with all the efforts that you have put in, can go into vain. 

It is much like electing a not so right political candidate to lead your country. The thing about building a website is that it requires a lot of resources like energy, money, and ideas. If your political campaign is not properly built, then all these resources can go to waste. 

5 Best Political Campaign Website Builder for Political Candidates

What Are the Requirements for Building A Website for A Political Candidate?

There are a ton of factors that need to be kept in mind while building a website for a political candidate. You need to understand the gravity that a political candidate possesses. Choosing the wrong website builder can seriously affect his chances of being elected. 

Choosing the proper tools for reaching out to voters

A political candidate always needs to be in proper synchronization with his votes. He should know the wants and needs of his voters. 

The website builder that you are choosing should easily let you share content on the various social media platforms so that you can get an insight into your potential voters, sponsors, endorses, and donors. 

Ease of access

As the elections start approaching, you do not want to be busy figuring out how to use the website; a political campaign website should be built in such a way that makes it very easy for the political leader to access. A good website builder will always provide you with the best of features

Survey and Forms

Most political websites have in-built or third-party form builders. You can keep your campaign rocking while you sit at ease.

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Best Political Campaign Website Builder for Political Candidates

Creating a good political website for a political leader is a serious job. These are the top five political campaign website builders for political candidates.


You might already know about this website; every other YouTube ad is of SqaureSpace’s. The thing you must note here is that SquareSpace in itself does not offer any extra feature for making a political website. But it is a very good website builder, nonetheless. 

The one feature that I liked the most about this website builder is that it provides very simple solutions to problems. It offers a drag and drop menu, which comes in very handy if you are a political candidate. 

Some special features that make Squarespace so special are: – 

Social media synchronization

This website builder lets you sync your multiple social media platforms on your website so that you can share your content immediately without delay. 


Political campaign websites often include a space where you can give donations. You can connect your donation fund with a Stripe or PayPal account. You can have a say in the amount of donation you want, or you can simply let the donors decide. 


SITE123 builds websites for you in a matter of seconds. If you want to build the best political campaign website for yourself, you definitely need this website builder.

Not only does it have a ton of templates, but also there are some templates that you can specifically use for your political campaign. 

Some of the major features that SITE123 provides are: –

Quick donation feature

Donors who want to donate to your political campaign can easily donate to this website as it has got a very high authority. There is a special feature that lets you choose some figures that were predetermined, or you can donate the amount you want.

Feature to know your visitor 

SITE123 is a very special website that lets you know your visitors. If somebody visits your website, it will let you know. You can go one step further and add google analytics to get a better idea of where the traffic is coming from.


Wix is probably the most advertised website builder on the face of the Earth. With the feature of drag and drop, you can very easily make your website look what you want it to look like. 

Note that after choosing a template, you won’t be able to change it.

Major features that WIX provides are: –

  • Video upload 

WIX lets you upload your videos on your website, which makes it very engaging for the audience. 

  • Option to create a community 

Wix lets you create a community so that your visitors can join in and have a conversation. 


Weebly is the first website builder that provides a dashboard with it. In a blink of an eye, you can check the analytics. 

Some major features that Weebly provides are: –    

  • Email campaign features

This pro feature lets you design, build, and edit emails. You can always be in touch with your voters using this feature

  • Visually appealing user interface

The interface of Weebly is the prime reason why customers visit this website builder. 


WordPress.com is the most simple and basic website builder, but it may not be the best for promoting a political campaign. The reason why I have added this to this list is because of the simplicity it provides. 

Major features that WordPress provides are: –

  • Simplicity

Very basic and simple to use, just like using any other blog. It comes in handy when the political candidate is not tech-savvy. 

  • Statistics tracking feature

It does not matter if you are opening it from your laptop, desktop, or mobile; you will always be able to view the statistics.

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Final Thoughts

I have been on the website making business for the last ten years, and I have personally selected these websites for you so that you can choose the best website builder for yourself.

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