Data Warehousing is a methodical, technical process that gathers and manages data collected from various sources. Also known as an enterprise data warehouse, the collected data is stored and used to create insightful reports that help an organization make the right decisions that take them to the next stage of growth. 

Data warehouses can be considered as repositories for massive amounts of current and historical data. The reports created from the input taken from data warehouses help organizations redefine their sales strategies and marketing campaigns.

DW has been responsible for creating plenty of Oracle app jobs and I.T jobs in U.S.A. 

All About Data Warehousing Its Industrial Applications Benefits Tools And Technologies

Benefits of Data Warehousing 

Data warehousing (DW) is an integral part of large and medium enterprises all over the world and companies are willing to invest heavily to store and protect their sensitive data. DW has more benefits than what we know. Here’s a list:

  • Data that is collected and compiled in a systematic manner can help companies rectify their long-term strategies to achieve their organizational objectives. 
  • Data warehousing helps organizations use subject-oriented data that pertains to specific areas such as management or IT.
  • Data warehouse helps to integrate data that is collected from various sources. Data integration is an important aspect of data warehousing. 
  • All organizations place their trust in data warehousing to store, save, and integrate their data without the risk of losing it. 
  • The only way to store an infinite amount of data is through data warehousing because the size of the warehouse can be adjusted as per the amount of data that has to be stored. 

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Data warehousing and its industrial applications

Data warehousing and data mining have become an inevitable and integral part of many organizations across various industrial sectors all over the world. Experts in this field are constantly trying to come up with advanced and progressive solutions as the need for Data Warehousing increases every day. 

The industrial applications of DW are listed as follows:

Fast-Moving consumer goods sector

Data warehousing plays a major role in influencing the decisions regarding marketing, sales analysis and advertising, supply chain analysis, and other issues.

With data warehousing, FMCG companies can share their information with distribution sites and business partners. 

Finance and banking sector

From effectively managing resources to managing consumer data and tracking implementation of government regulations, the banking and finance sector will become crippled without a reliable data warehouse. 

Government sector

Governments can manage a wide array of responsibilities such as managing the payroll, human resources, auditing, and management of social services.

Apart from that, social services, taxes, and healthcare require data warehousing to function seamlessly. 

Healthcare sector

Healthcare is a huge sector that thrives on data warehousing for its finances, tracking of patients, storing patient’s medical history, providing feedback to doctors about diagnostic tests, and to determine the cost-effectiveness of care.

Insurance sector

The insurance sector has hundreds of thousands of customers whose portfolios must be protected. Data warehousing simplifies this task and helps to analyze sales and profit. 

Other sectors that depend on data warehousing for innumerable other tasks include the manufacturing and distribution sector, retail and wholesale marketing sector, telecommunications, transportation, and utility sector. 

List of popular data warehouse tools

Data warehousing is considered the core of business intelligence because all the analytical resources are connected to it. It is something that every company must have to meet its ever-growing needs in a systematic manner.

We give you a list of some of the popular DW tools that are potent enough to propel companies in the right direction. 

AnalytiX DS 

Analytix Data Service has been responsible for providing plenty of I.T jobs in the USA. With offices in North America and Asia, Analtytix DS is looking to find a foothold in India by opening an office in Bangalore. 

Analytix DS provides tools for data integration, data mapping, enterprise application integration, and automation of pre-ETL source.

The tool makes a highly valuable contribution to multiple industries for advanced metadata and data mapping. 

Ab Inito Software

Ab Inito Software is a popular company that produces data warehousing solutions for a vast number of purposes that include:

  • Fourth-generation data analysis
  • Data manipulation.
  • Batch processing.
  • Processing of graphical user interface based software. 

The company is well-versed in producing high volume data processing applications. Some of the other products from Ab Inito Software include Enterprise Meta. Co-operating System, and Graphical Development Environment. 

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a cloud-computing platform that is a part of the Amazon Web Services.

This tool stands apart from other Amazon tools because of its ability to handle analytics workloads of immense quantities. That is why Redshift is built with the state-of-the-art technology with massively parallel processing. 


DATAllegro was acquired by Microsoft which realized the tool’s potential for providing organizations with apps that are designed to perform a wide range of data warehousing functions. 

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ParAccel is a California-based company that is responsible for rolling out data warehousing tools such as Amigo and Maverick.

The latter is a stand-alone data warehousing tool that was further developed and is now known as ParAccel Analytic Database. Additionally, the company also offers two other analytics packages called Base package and Advanced package.