The cyber attacks are increasing day by day so the network security is the major concern in these days. Securing the router is very essential as the router is first and important part of defense against the viruses and malwares which are trying to attack on your network. Less secured and the vulnerable routers can be the gateway to different hackers to attack on your network.

Most of the hackers are attacking the routers to gain access into network. Normally attackers can steal the user’s network bandwidth, sensitive information of users like bank details and can infect the user’s network with viruses and harmful malwares so every user need to be extra carefully about the router security. Unfortunately routers from all the companies are easy to hack so the users need to make sure that there router is secure or not.

Router is the key part of the every network, no matter which kind of router user is using. But user can make their router more secured by modifying certain setting in the router. Here are the certain router security ways to secure your wireless or the wired router. User can open the router setting age by typing the in the web browser.

Certain Router security ways to secure your wireless

Change the router name and default SSID:

Usually all the manufactures assigns the brand name as the router name to the device and this name is inherited as the SSID or the network name by the router setting. If the router name or the SSID consists of the brand name then it might help attacker to exploit the vulnerabilities in the router. So users should change the default router name and SSID name.


Change the by default or preset router access password:

By default router provides the default router login credential to access the router control panel. These credentials are set by the router manufacture company and these are same for all the routers of that particular company. These credentials are available on the user manual of the router. User need to change this and use the strong router access password which is at least 8 characters long, not included in the dictionary and easy to remember.

Activate the router firewall:

Routers are having the built in firewall which helps to have the secured network. Enabling the router firewall can add the added the extra security layer to your router.

Use the strongest encryption method:

Users should use the best available encryption method to prevent unauthorized access to your network. WEP, WPA, WPA-2 are the basic encryption methods available in the wireless setting. WEP is compatible with almost all devices available but it less secured compared to WPA and WPA-2. WPA and WPA-2 are support to the devices which are manufactured after 2006.

Disable the remote administration:

With the remote administration anyone who is nearby to your router and edit and modify the router setting so the user should disable the remote administration features for the router security enhancement.

Turn on virtual private network (VPN):

User can hide the device IP address by making use of virtual private network. This can definitely increase the security and privacy of the network.  Users need to use the some software to access the VPN functionalities but some latest routers are comes with the VPN capabilities.

Keep your router up to date:

Users should make sure that he is using the router with the latest security firmware. For this user can regularly check and install the latest available router update.

After doing all the router security settings one should take the backup of the current router setting so when the user reset the router he can easily import the previous router setting. In this ways user can make increase the security of router and make use of more secured network.