Social media listening is the process of paying attention to the entire conversation about and regarding your brand online. Social media listening software platforms such as NetBase allow you to do this easily, and they give you data in an easily-digestible format in real-time so that you can make the right decisions about your brand.

Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening Defined

Social media listening is sometimes confused with social media monitoring. As far as social media monitoring goes, this is merely the process of paying attention to when your brand is mentioned online, usually on social media, and possibly reacting to that. For example, if the marketing person for a restaurant follows the comments about the food and service posted on a social media site about that restaurant and comments back about them, then that’s social media monitoring. It’s a simple process.

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Listening, on the other hand, is about following the entire industry that your brand is part of. You don’t just look for mentions of your brand name online, you look for anything that is even remotely related to it. Of course, this can’t be done by one person online using a search engine; there’s far too much internet traffic to sift through. A listening platform, like NetBase, however, has the power to search through all the data online pertaining to a brand, sort it out and finally present it to you, all in real-time. 

A good listening platform is invaluable. If there is ever a crisis situation with your brand, for example, you can see what people are saying online, how the industry is moving, and whether your response strategies are working. You can also simply use the data you get from your platform to help you make informed decisions about long-term strategies. The better informed you are, the more effective you will be.

If you launch a new product campaign, a listening platform can let you know instantly how it is going and what people are saying, and you can adjust accordingly. Maybe a product launch will exceed expectations, and you can get more units on shelves fast, or maybe it will be a disaster, and you can pull your product before it becomes a bigger fiasco. Either way, you’ll know what’s going on right away.

Social listening is also an excellent way to keep track of how a public event you are putting on for your brand is going. People are in the habit these days of writing in some form about whatever they are doing online, and, with the right platform, you’ll totally be in the loop. You can also use your platform to create a conversation about your brand and related issues and see where that goes; if you’re wondering what people think about a given topic, you can create an online dialogue around it fast.

NetBase and Social Media Listening

NetBase uses the very latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide a social media listening platform that collects enormous amounts of data around whatever brand or topic you want it to extremely fast. Furthermore, they are known for having an extremely responsive customer service team. When it comes to monitoring, protecting, and improving the health of your brand, it is a fantastic tool that is becoming increasingly useful as the digital revolution continues. 

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It is used by major corporations including Edelman, Coca-Cola, and Arby’s, and its approach is to build long-term relationships with its clients rather than providing quick fixes. In short, NetBase does the heavy lifting when it comes to boosting your brand’s overall performance online.