If you have some files which need to be transformed in another format, what will you do? You must require software or converter for converting your data.

Will you purchase various file converters for different formats? Obviously not, purchasing will be time consuming and expensive. So, the best way is to use free online file converters.

Maybe, you feel confused to select the appropriate file converter for your job. I am here to help you to find the best online free file converters.

Top 5 online file converters


If you are looking for a converter to convert your JPG data to PNG, it is the perfect online converter for you. This file converter is straightforward to use. There are no registration charges.

This file converter doesn’t offer its paid services. The converted page can be translated into twelve languages, like English, Francois, etc. JPG2PNG gives you the facility to convert 20 JPG files at the same time.

Online Convert Free

The second amazing online free converter in our list is OnlineConvertFree. Its significant feature is to provide the conversion for numerous formats. You don’t need to consider many file converters to convert different formats.

It will become your favorite online converter due to its fantastic features and high-quality conversion. You can use it for converting various formats to others such as;

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Documents
  • PDF
  • Archive
  • Images
  • eBooks, etc.


This video converter is ideal in the case if you work on various platforms. It is completely free, simple, and convenient to use. You can convert videos of almost every format for your comfort.

It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, etc. it gives output only in the form of MP4 and MKV. DVDs and BluRay sources can also be ripped through Handbrake.

Scanned PDF to word

Scanned PDF to word is the online free converter through which scanned documents can be converted easily into a word file. If you think the conversion of scanned PDF data is challenging, then it’s not like that. It is a very convenient and simple online converter.

The conversion process consists of only two steps in this file converter

  1. A scanned PDF file to be uploaded
  2. An email address

Email address is essential for receiving the link of the converted file. You don’t need to worry about the layout of word file you received. The layout will be the same in the converted file as well as the formatting text, hyperlinks, and images, etc.


There are a lot of options for online file converters available which are used to convert PDF files to any other format for free like Word, Excel, HTML, etc. Issuu is the online converter through which you convert your PDF file to an online magazine. 

This fabulous file converter gives your PDF data an attractive look which you want to see for your work. For this, you have to make an account or login from your Facebook.

Ma be, you thought that for converting PDF to an online magazine Issuu offers some complicated features or services, but you are not right. It is a straightforward and convenient online converter.