WhatsApp is a brilliant source of communication with friends and family. As usual, it is an outstanding application, but it will need many updates. Before we start to talk about WhatsApp tips and tricks for android, you have to know about its features. One of the best apps which have improved regularly and was captured a huge place in the market. It has around 1.6 billion users all over the globe. So, if you are an active user of WhatsApp, then you have to know about the tricks to use this advance application. Now, I am going to discuss the best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android Device which is very helpful for you.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android Device:

WhatsApp is a optimized app that can smoothly run in every mobile platform such as Android, iPhone and much more. In today’s life, it is very important to connect with each other, undoubtedly that can be possible easily with smart device which fits on our palm.

Of course yes, instant messengers works as a medium in between us when we want to contact some one. In that race, WhatsApp is a prominent for many. So, When people want to connect instantly with their close friends, then firstly one name will arise in their mind is WhatsApp. So, today we will discuss the WhatsApp tips and tricks for Android phones.

1. By disabling the Auto-download Mode, User can save their Internet data:

Users can not send only the messages, they can also send videos and make voice calls on WhatsApp. People can send or received various types of photos and also videos in their groups or personal chats. If users can disable their auto-download features in their android device, then they can save their maximum internet data. How users can turn off their auto-download option in their android device, I will show them:

  • Go to the “Settings” option.
  • Here will show the “Data and Storage Usage” option, you just click on that.
  • Click on the “Media Auto-Download” option.
  • Now finally change this option into “Wi-Fi only”  button.

2. User can read the messages without informing the message sender

This trick is the most interesting one, and maximum users have to know how it will work. Users can read the messages which they received without letting sender to know about that you have read. Kinda Cool. right? However, I have found exact same feature in FMWhatsApp official android application and this mod can offer more features than another WAMOD.

Thing is; if people sends the messages to their friends, then double tick mark will show up in the corner of this message when they read it. Below is the process to see the messages in the notification panel.

  • Turn on the “Airplane Mode”.
  • Now read the “Message”.
  • Finally, close the “WhatsApp”.

3. Use a WhatsApp account without a mobile number

This is a very interesting trick to use. If the user has already an account then firstly save all videos or images on file manager. Uninstall the previous application and download the WhatsApp again. Now open the new WhatsApp, but before opening this app, you must lock your device messaging service using by changing the flight mode option. When you change the message service option, then it’s not required giving mobile number verification code. After opening this new WhatsApp application, you can add your mobile number.

While entering a number, the system will require to choose another system to confirm your number then you can simply select “Check through SMS” and just enter your email id and click the “Submit” option.

4. Broadcast Messages to Multiple Contacts

If users need to send a single message to their multiple friends and they don’t want to send the message one by one, then this trick will be helpful in that case.

Simply, Users can send a single message to 256 friends at once by using the broadcast option in their WhatsApp application. Users just select their contact and add them to their broadcast list. Here is the process to add messages into the broadcast option.

  • Click on the 3 dots.
  • Secondly, tap on the “New Broadcast” option.
  • Now select your contacts.
  • Finally, send the message in all the selected contacts.

5. Bookmark & Save Important Messages

Users can get more messages from their WhatsApp account, but they have some types of messages which they need to save on their phone. So, here, I am going to share the process of message saving in their android devices.

  • First, go to the “Chats” option.
  • Secondly, tap on the “Your Specific Chat” bar.
  • Tap on the “Specific Message”.
  • Finally, hold down or double-tap and press the “Star” icon.

6. Before Sending Photos User can fun with these

Everyone love to send photos on their WhatsApp these days. With this trick, users have a chance to get some extra fun by editing their photos before sending to their friends or relatives. So, WhatsApp will provide the facility to edit their own photos. Users can write on their photos, add multiple types of effects and much more.


Above I discussed some types of WhatsApp tips and tricks for Android devices. Hope it will help you amazingly. If you have any queries regarding this post than inform us via the comment section. Thank You.

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