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Taser Prank Stun Gun

With the “Prank Stun Gun” app, you can trick friends into thinking they’ve been shocked by an actual taser, making for great jump scares. 

You’re probably not going to convince a police officer anytime soon that you have a real taser but it will fool just about everybody else.
All you have to do is hold the phone as you would with a taser and touch someone with it, the phone will then vibrate and make a taser sound. Enjoy their reactions but just be careful who you do it too, not everyone will react well even if it is harmless. 


  • Choose different skins and sounds from the multiple available
  • Sounds exactly like a taser
  • Vibrates on contact
  • Beautiful Designs

Hack Prank

Have you ever seen the show Mr Robot and wanted to pull off your own hack? 
Hack Prank is the perfect prankster app to do precisely this. Indeed, you are not hacking someone for real, but this comes pretty close and is completely harmless. 
This app enables you to input your own message on a friend’s phone, which will then show up on their screen at the time of your choosing. Regardless of what application they are using at the time, the hacked screen will still appear, making for a great hack prank. 
The design is also similar to a command prompt, making it appear more realistic. 

How to use:

  • Load the Hank Prank App
  • Customize message you want to show on hacked screen
  • Set the timer
  • Wait for the hacked screen to pop up

Ownage Pranks

No prank app list would be complete without at least one prank call app and we think Ownage Pranks is one of the funniest prank call apps available to download today.

This app contains pre-scripted prank calls which are automatically sent once your friend picks up the phone. The prank scripts are recorded by professional voice actors, including Russel Johnson who is responsible for creating the Ownage Pranks youtube channel. 

‘Speech recognition technology’ AI is used to analyze responses or when a response hasn’t been made during a phone call. It will then react in real-time accordingly ensuring that the person you’re calling will think it’s a real person on the line. 

Want a neighbour to ask for your friend’s Wifi password or make them think they ordered 6 pepperoni pizzas where they have to pay? Ownage pranks offer these and over 100 more, each having a different prank scenario. 

Features include

  • 100+ prank scenarios included 
  • 3 credits given daily
  • No Caller ID shown as your Wifi is used and not your phone company
  • Prank calls can be submitted to the Pranks hall of fame, where you can see other prank reactions. 

Pregnancy Prank

Women pranking unsuspecting boyfriends pretending to be pregnant has been done forever, but never in the form of an app. 

The ‘Pregnancy Prank’ app does precisely this, it contains an ultrasound pregnancy scanner which can be used by holding it above the abdomen.

You can fool your boyfriend or girlfriend (depending whos doing the prank) by showing them a baby in her stomach via the scanner. 

Of course, smartphones are not capable of doing ultrasounds, but it makes for a fun, harmless prank. 

How to use:

  • Load up the ultrasound app
  • Choose the image you want the ultrasound test result to show
  • Show the scanned test to the person you’re pranking.


You’re probably wondering why a remote control app is on this list as it’s not intended to be used for pranks. However, with the right subtle touch, this app can really make someone question their own sanity!

If the person you’re staying with has a TV with a DVR, you can sync the Optimum app to their box, turning your phone into a remote control.

Change the channel or adjust the volume at any time when your friend is watching the television. You can’t be too obvious, or you’ll be quickly exposed so make sure to be discreet. 

Irritate your friend by changing the volume every 5 minutes while they’re concentrating on the show. You won’t be suspected because they will probably assume its a technical fault with the TV.

You also have full parental controls of what the viewer can actually watch, so the possibilities are endless. By blocking specific channels, you can ensure the next person to turn on the TV is only left with preschool channels. 

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