The Microsoft, one of the biggest software industry is again going to dive into the production of smartphones. The Microsoft is one of the largest and giant industries and every 8 out of 10 computers run on the Microsoft windows operating system. Though it got popularity and much success in windows operating system, it could not succeed to make their place in smartphone world. As Android and iOS, which are huge competitors to each other, won customers’ heart due to better user interface. Android did a lot making their user experience better than each previous attempt. The Android and iOS has wide amount of apps available on their stores, whereas Microsoft failed to convince the developers to make more apps for their windows phone which was one of the major reason to fail the windows phone. As result, unfortunately windows had to close their windows phone production due to lack of developers for their applications.

Microsoft did lot of attempts to take over the place of Android and iOS by their windows phone, but got failure every time. Finally Microsoft got the answer, customers are diehard fan of android and iOS and not to prefer to use the windows OS in their smartphone. As there is already too much competition facing by two giant companies- Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone to make their products better than each other, Microsoft decided to make a product that could give more better user experience and wide range of apps to their customers.

Diving into Microsoft’s past

After being successful in getting the huge market by Microsoft Windows OS for PC, Microsoft decided to launch their smartphones with their own operating system. The first windows phone was launched in 2010 which was touch screen capability. Microsoft tried to give totally different design in their windows phone than Apple and Android where the icons displays as boxes on home screen rather than to arrange them in rows and columns and giving them fix position. The official production of windows phone is now stopped and you can see very limited number of devices available there in market. The only thing that made windows phone unsuccessful was they could not succeed to convince the app developers to create apps for them.

Hoping to take place in smartphone world

Microsoft surface duo

Microsoft is again trying to take place in smartphone world by offering their Surface Duo. The Surface Duo comes with foldable screen with two screens that interact with each other. Already there are foldable smartphones launched by Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Fold’ and  ZTE’s ‘Axon M’, the Microsoft trying to make some innovative and make it mid-range in the price as compare to Samsung and ZTE.  Remember Huawei? Also is in the competition of foldable smartphones, yet to be released the ‘Mate X’. The only difference between Surface Duo and other foldable smartphones is that, Surface Duo comes up with two different screens which interact with each other unlike other foldable smartphones comes up with single larger screen which folds into half. The user can use two apps at same time on multiple screen or can run single app on single large screen.

Release Date of Surface Duo

As official video of Surface Duo is released by Microsoft showing the first look of Surface Duo, the diehard fans of Microsoft can’t wait for the release of Surface Duo. As Microsoft revealed that Surface Duo would probably launch in 2020 holiday. The official launch is too far because Microsoft is trying to work with app developers to make their apps more compatible with two screen Surface Duo and make those apps more optimized to take whole advantage of both screens.

Price range of Surface Duo

The Microsoft has not yet revealed the price of Surface Duo, it will be soon known to everyone early in the 2020’s holidays. Already there are foldable smartphones released by Samsung and ZTE, the Huawei trying to give more competitions to these giants. The key difference that make these all foldable smartphones different from each other is the price. The prices is the only thing that customer thinks about while buying any smartphone. As Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Fold’ costs for $2,000 and ZTE’s ‘Axon M’ featured for $725 when it was debuted in 2017, the Microsoft is expected to launch their Surface Duo between these two extremes.

How Foldable screen works?

The foldable smartphones that are available in market works with single large screen instead of two different screens where user can fold the single large screen in the middle and can use one app on single large screen or foldable screen.

Unlike this, Microsoft come up with new concept. The Surface Duo is giving pair of 5.6 inch glass screens to user where user can run two apps at a time on each screen or only one app can also be run on single large screen interacting with each other. The Surface Duo also acts like a mini laptop where the first screen works as screen and other works as the keyboard.

The Surface Duo is much slim, 4.8 mm thin, providing easy approach to comfortably fit into your pocket like Samsung Galaxy fold.

How Microsoft’s Surface Duo is differs from other foldable phones?

As told earlier, the Microsoft’s Surface Duo is different than other foldable smartphones, it is also slightly different in other manner as well. The Surface Duo is not only the foldable phone that will be released after Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, the Huawei yet expected to be released their Mate X in October 2019. The Galaxy Fold is giving a single screen with 7.3 inch of display screen whereas Mate X is giving you 8 inch of display with very slim body same like Galaxy fold. In other words, there is a dividing line in middle of the screen for Surface Duo that none other device have.

The Operating system used in Surface Duo

As Microsoft failed in smartphone world very badly, they realized the reason behind it, the Windows OS for smartphone. The lack of app developers for the windows phone is also one of the reason which makes Microsoft to opt to Android operating system. As the apps are the key to get success, Microsoft decided to provide Android due to its huge availability of apps.

Full Specifications of Surface Duo


Product byMicrosoft
ProductSurface Duo


Screen-size5.6 inch (each screen)
Touch screenYes (each screen)


Front cameraYes

Operating System



Bluetooth Yes
USB Type-C Yes


Fingerprint sensorYes
Compass/ Magnetometer Yes
Proximity sensor Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Ambient light sensor Yes
Gyroscope Yes

My opinion towards the Surface Duo

The Surface Duo is not the only destination of Microsoft, but they are planning to introduce Surface neo in 2020 with 9.8 inch of display screen. Learning from mistakes that Microsoft done in past, inventing newer things to world. The price and detailed specification of the Surface Duo is yet mystery but as soon it comes, we will try to inform it to you as fast as possible. Till then, stay tuned with fabtechie for more fabulous technical news and content.

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