Pixelbook go

Pixelbook Go will be coming soon this month of October. The last model of Pixelbook was released in 2017, since then we have been waiting for a new version of it. The 2017 PixelBook set standards internationally but it’s not the device that can compete in 2019, Google need an update as soon as possible. When PixelBook started getting fame and popularity, brands like HP, Acer, and Lenovo started experimenting with different things with their own excellent Chrome OS gadgets. Given this restored challenge and to what extent its been since Google discharged another laptop, we could see the Pixelbook 2 sooner rather than later.

According to our sources, the new PixelBook is going to be named as PixelBook Go rather then PixelBook 2, but we can’t say it clearly because nothing is officially announced by Google itself. In this article, we are going to talk about some leaks and information that we got from our sources regarding PixelBook 2 or Go.

Let’s talk about some of the important points that you should know about Google PixelBook 2 or Go, also we will be telling you that what are the essential features that have to be included in the upcoming Google PixelBook 2.

Pixelbook Go Release Date and Pricing Predictions

According to a recent FCC filing, Pixelbook Gois going to arrive this year, and according to my prediction, Pixelbook Go is going to feature in October at Google’s special event. The event is named “Made by Google and according to the reports we are also going to see Pixel 4 smartphone during this event.

There is a certain launch trend followed by google for Chromebook pixel, the first Chromebook was launched in 2013 and then the 2nd gen Chromebook in 2015 and the current one is introduced in 2017, can you see the trend?. After every 2 years, Google introduced a new Chromebook.

We don’t have any information regarding the pricing of Google Pixelbook Go, but if we see Google’s previous pricing structure then we can predict t that the new Pixelbook is going to cost around 1000$.

Specifications And Design

Various rumors are going on for pixelbook 2 and Google has yet to confirm about them, but regarding specs and design, we already have great information for you guys based on some leaks and data.

According to our sources, Pixelbook is going to feature a 13.3-inch screen having wither a 1080p or 4k display. If we talk about processor then it can either have a Core i5 or Core i7 CPU that can be followed by 1 16GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD. For music and entertainment, the laptop will also have dual speakers and 2 USB-C ports for connectivity.

If we talk about about the design and the looks of the device then it is still unclear about what exactly the device is going to look, but we can conclude that it is not going to be a tablet because Google has already abandoned its table plans and they are now focusing more on laptops. According to Google, the new pixel laptop will give business users “productivity on the go”.

There were some videos leaked on the internet and the design of the Pixelbook Go was revealed,  according to those videos the device appears to be a traditional laptop having rounded corners, which is influenced by Pixelbook i.e a convertible 2 in 1 laptop. 

The keyboard somehow looks the same as that of the current Pixelbook and the 16:9 aspect ratio display can be proved as a surprising change. According to some more leaks, the device now has slimmer side display bezels as compared to the current PixelBook but it still has the same design.

Things Needed In PixelBook Go

Longer battery life

Under 8 hours of battery life simply won’t cut it, particularly not for a Chromebook. The Pixelbook shut down after 7 hours and 43 minutes on a battery life test, which puts it behind a bunch of contenders. With all due respect, the Pixelbook has a flawless 2400 x 1600-resolution display. In any case, as an ultraportable laptop intended to be taken out of the workplace, the Pixelbook should keep going longer on a charge.

Slimmer bezels

Slim bezels are the most common requirements in laptops nowadays, it not only makes the laptop look great but it also provides a great user experience. The current PixelBook was released in 2017, 2 years ago, and its thick bezels are the thing that we don’t want in upcoming PixelBook 2. Let’s hope that Google will improve its bezels and display quality in its, next model.

Lower Price

The price of the current pixelbook i.e 999$ is what snatching it down and resulting in a tough sell. Earlier in his year, Google released its most affordable  Pixel state which is generally a laptop costing around 599$ and 798$ with keyboard, it is still not cheaper because you are paying 599$ just for the tablet. Google is a premium brand and prices its products according to their brand value. Let’s hope that Google prices the upcoming PixelBook according to the user pockets not with the brand value

Fingerprint sensor 

Current PixelBook won’t feature any finger print sensor, but the upcoming Pixelbook 2 can’t afford to lose this essential need, so it has to embedded with an inbuilt fingerprint sensor. If you were thinking that how we can conclude that the PixelBook is going to come with a fingerprint sensor then the answer is because the Pixel Slate was proved to be the very first Chrome OS device with fingerprint support.


We have discussed all of the expected features and details that Google can introduce in its upcoming Google PixelBook 2. This is true that the audience is now expecting much more from google in PixelBook 2, but everything is still not cleared by Google, the market is still running on assumptions and leaks only. 

Figures crossed for Google PixelBook, let’s hope that it can meet our requirements. If you have any doubts regarding Google PixelBook then you can comment down below, we are always ready to help you.

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