It’s been all nice and cozy to slow down a bit and spend more time at home doing our favorite things. But for a lot of us, it’s the opposite. If the lockdown is wearing you out or you feel stuck in place, Sudoku is one activity that’ll keep you engaged and help avoid the cabin fever. How? Take a look at these reasons:

Sudoku Game Play

1. Sudoku is engaging.

Since the advancement of technology, puzzles have transitioned onto smart devices and aren’t just on paper anymore. However, the monotony of coronavirus quarantine and other restrictions are reviving these puzzles even more. With the renewed interest, Sudoku is one of these wholesome self-care activities that people are engaging themselves in. The mobile Sudoku free puzzles have a new look to an old hobby in times you most need them.

2. Sudoku is meditative.

When you’re engrossed in a game, it helps keep away the rumbling thoughts that stress you even more during these nerve-wracking times. Moreover, you’re filled with a sense of happiness and accomplishment with every right move you make.

3. Sudoku helps you stay focused.

You’ll see how the game is pure logic when you start playing Sudoku free puzzles. You might enter one wrong digit and solve the entire game on that particular move only to realize that you’ve to try it all over again. So, Sudoku makes you more careful in all that you do. Since randomness is bound to occur at this time, Sudoku will help you remain focused on the essentials.

4. Sudoku is an affordable hobby.

You just need a smartphone, tablet, or PC to download your favorite Sudoku free puzzles application. If this doesn’t feel feasible, we are sure the newspaper you buy has a puzzle page. Try that out! Sudoku is not a luxury – it is an affordable pastime.

5. Sudoku is an escape plan.

Sudoku free puzzles are a distraction – of course, the right kind. You’re always looking for patterns, creating connections, and staying focused. This eliminates the right or fight response to make you feel even better.

Try it out yourself!

Sudoku puzzles were invented in the late 1970s, but they’ve long been popular. The rules are simple – you got to place digits from one through nine in the existing grid without leaving any cells empty or repetitive. 

Easybrain, a well-known mobile developer, offers fantastic solutions to try your hand on. Its Sudoku free puzzles mobile app is worth trying during this time to keep yourself calm and collected. 

It comes with a large array of fun and free game levels – all of which have their own kind of challenges. The design of the game is pretty intuitive, engaging, and not at all overwhelming. It’s a highly addictive puzzle, simple to grasp and stimulating at every level. 

Apparently, feeling better is one of the most precious goals when things feel so bad, but mobile games like Sudoku can help you face the ordeal.