Do you ever dream of monitoring, scanning, or track everything related to lifestyle in just one swipe of your finger? Now, the technology-based world offers you various apps that will make your life more convenient. These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here are some of them that will create significant changes in your life while teaching you to be more attentive to yourself.

Essential Lifestyle Apps

Yahoo! Weather (Category: Weather)

If iPhones have their default weather app, why not download it free in your android? Yahoo! Weather belongs to the user-friendly weather category and one of the most popular apps nowadays, allowing you to know the latest weather forecast by providing photos of the area. It also gives details about the chance of precipitation, sunrise and sunset time, map information, and such that are very beneficial to your everyday life.

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Get The Flight Out (Category: Travel)

When you travel most of the time because it is a big part of your job, or maybe you just like to travel the different parts of the world, and boast your different beard ideas to your foreign friends, Get The Flight Out (GTFO) is the best app for you. It quick and convenient to use that lets you type and search the airport name, and it will provide you a list of the available upcoming flights all around the globe.

Foursquare City Guide (Category: Food and Drink)

This food and drink app allow you to search for new places in your current location that you can visit with your family and friends and have some refreshing environment. The search results are based on the netizens you follow and the topics you are interested in.  

Slice (Category: Shopping)

The slice app was developed by Rakuten. This helps you search tracking or confirmation codes based on your provided email. After searching for your code, this will give you information on when will be the expected delivery time of your package. Unlike with other shopping apps, Slice doesn’t need you to type long tracking numbers. It just requires your email to be connected with the app.  

Edison Assistant (Category: Productivity)

Edison Assistant app has a bit similar to the new Outlook when it comes to checking schedules and book meetings. Its original name is EasilyDo. Aside from giving you the most up-to-date details, Edison Assistant gives you alert if you have duplicate contacts, which is one of the best features of the app. The best thing about this app is that it makes a more organized person.  

Venmo (Category: Finance)

For those people who genuinely love their friends and family members, this is the most suggested app that should be downloaded in case of an emergency. Venmo lets you transfer any amount of money to your family or friends securely. How? Just connect your bank account to the app, and you can quickly transfer money anytime and anywhere.  

Divvy (Category: Food and Drink)

The typical scenario of most restaurants is a group of friends sharing the same meal and conversing genuinely, but when the bill arrives, the conversation suddenly flies to nowhere. Each of them wonders how much they owe. But no worries, you have an accountant assistant. Divvy will split the entire bill for you. Snap a picture of the bill using your mobile phone and let the app divides the total cost of the meal.  

Moovit (Category: Navigation)

Public transportation service is one of the most convenient ways to reach your destination. But because of some unforeseen situations that may happen while on your way to the workplace, the commute could be the thing you don’t want to do. But fortunately, the Moovit app is nowhere to end the burdens you are carrying for too long.  

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Moovit allows you to know the bus, subway, and train schedules near you. It even provides you details if there are possible delays on a particular route you are planning to go. To offer you full guidance, the app lets you know how many stops a bus or a train would take to reach its intended destination. Moovit can adapt to any place you currently situated in. It shows you the fastest route you can choose to reach your destination. 


The latest generation is now exposed to technological apps and devices that give immeasurable benefits as long as we use it with limitations and caution. Our productivity and lifestyle become more comfortable because of the technological trends immersed in our digital environment. From searching for specific detail, navigation, to assisting your financial aspect, all can be managed in just a swipe of your finger.