When Activision announced its intent to move world-renowned first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty to the mobile space, the gaming world was excited but incredulous. How could the mammoth complexity and intricacy of Call of Duty’s multiplayer gameplay work in such a simplified and stripped-back way? After all, Call of Duty had been famous for its incredible multiplayer gameplay since the days of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and arguably even before then.

How To Get Free COD Points & Credits

Eventually, the answer to this question was revealed in the form of Call of Duty Mobile, a succinctly-named mobile version of Call of Duty. Essentially, Mobile is a stripped-down version of a mainline Call of Duty title, boasting three distinct multiplayer modes and plenty of extras. It’s free-to-play and available right now for Android and iOS. You’ll need a reasonably beefy smartphone to play it, but the amount of mid-range devices that can run the game is actually quite surprising.

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So, should you play Call of Duty Mobile? The answer will depend on whether you’re already a fan of the franchise. If you love Call of Duty and rush out to buy each installment on release day, then this is a no-brainer; the answer is an emphatic yes. If you’re on the fence, we’d say check the game out; it doesn’t cost anything to play it, after all. Hate all things Call of Duty? It’s probably safe to give this one a miss (although, again, it’s free-to-play, so no harm is done if you try it and don’t like it).

This being a free-to-play mobile game, there are, of course, microtransactions, as well as other monetized content. Activision and developer TiMi Studios have implemented two different kinds of currency into Call of Duty Mobile, and they can both be used to buy different things. COD Points are the premium currency and can only really be purchased using real money (although there are other ways to get them), while Credits are an in-game currency you can earn through play.

First up, let’s take a look at COD Points. What’s the best way to earn them? Well, when you begin playing Call of Duty Mobile, you’ll be taken through a quick tutorial detailing the controls. After this tutorial, you’ll be gifted a small number of COD Points, but this isn’t the easiest way to get them. There are ways online to get free COD Points for COD Mobile that don’t involve breaking the bank or cheating. Check out the link for more info – you’ll be glad you did.

Otherwise, earning COD Points is mainly done by spending real-world money. You can buy COD Points at a direct conversion rate, or you can purchase the Season One Battle Pass, which offers a huge amount of COD Points as part of the purchase. The Battle Pass will set you back £9.99, but it’s not just COD Points; you’ll also gain access to a wide variety of challenges and other in-game content if you buy it, so it’s well worth it if you’re a fan of the game.

The second currency in Call of Duty Mobile is Credits. Unlike COD Points, you can earn Credits directly within the game itself, and you’ll do so as you play. If you manage to make certain plays within games and become invaluable to your team, then you’ll earn Credits. You can spend Credits on a wide variety of stuff from the in-game store, but the selection on offer is nowhere near as comprehensive as it is for COD Points, so if you want the good stuff you’ll have to pay money (or check out the above link).

Alternative ways to earn Credits also exist, of course. The link above will also net you some free COD Mobile Credits, so it’s not just for COD Points. Other than playing games, you’ll see time-limited challenges appearing on the COD Mobile frontend from time to time. These challenges will net you bonus Credits, so it’s worth delving into them to earn as much as you can. They vary from mode to mode, too, so they’re a great excuse to try out game modes you’re not familiar with.

So, what can you spend these currencies on? For the most part, weapon upgrades in Call of Duty Mobile tend towards cosmetic and appearance-based changes. There are some upgrades you can buy with COD Points that add stats to your weapons or character, but they’re not unfair, so you’ll never find yourself losing to someone in a game because they’ve spent more money than you have. Both currencies can be used to buy upgrades, but it’s easier to buy them with COD Points, as you may imagine.

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Outside of weapon upgrades, you’ll find a whole host of cosmetic changes for your guns, your consumable items, and your outfit. These cosmetic items are great fun for those you’re playing against, and if you apply them to your weapons then you’ll also get to see them as you play, which is good. There are also weapon XP cards, which will contribute greatly towards a weapon’s level and thus increase its stats. You’ll find plenty to spend your Points and Credits on in Call of Duty Mobile!