Honor Band 5

Can we call the Honor band 5 – sport edition an ultimate budget sport and fitness tracking band? In this article, we will find out! Hey, what’s going on guys. So this is that time of the year when we are fortunate enough to get the updated Xiaomi’s mi band and the honor bands. So Xiaomi played its part with the mi band 4 which has the new color display and a six-axis motion sensor and now its the time for honor to counter-attack and…they have done this with the honor band 5 sport edition. Honor 5 is coming with some new and unrevealed features that were missing in the previous versions, we will talk about all of them later in this post.

What’s New In Sport Edition?

As the name suggests “Sport Edition”, this band is specially designed for sports events and have some pre included exercise-centric features like Basketball Mode, Workout Form Guidance, and a Professional Running Guide, you can use this tracker while swimming, too, with a 50m water resistance rating. If we talk about battery life, Honor promises up to 14 days of standby usage, or up to 40 hours of continuous performance tracking in a single charge. And we also have some features on the back like the AMOLED touch screen display, 24 by 7 heart rate monitor,etc. According to Honor the band of the tracker is made from recycled plastic waste, while the wrist strap’s “dynamic braided technology” works towards a lightweight form-factor that can be worn on the ankle or wrist.


So, first of all, let’s begin this review by talking about the design first. The Honor band 5 sport edition comes in black, blue and pink color options with removable strap so you can easily swap out with whatever your taste your liking is. But overall in terms of build quality, the band is very solid looking. The band feels very rugged and I think it might take some beating but if you do get some wear and tear on the strap then you have the option to change it any time.


Now speaking of screen we have 0.95 inches colored AMOLED screen display with a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels.Which is very pleasing to use by the way. The resolution is good for all the pixel peepers out there and it’s also very bright. It’s easy to use it in bright sunlight without any problem so if you’re worried about the screen in any aspect then don’t worry you will love this one.

Band Features

Now coming down to the features we have a lot of things to cover. First of all, just like any other fitness tracking band, you can expect this thing to count steps and calories burnt right out of the box. What else the normal band thing it can do is show all of your notifications and call alerts straight onto your band do you can read them and reject calls with a swipe.

Although you cannot mute them other than those basic things can also measure your various fitness activities like running, indoor and outdoor cycling, swimming, elliptical, rower and free training and during all these activities it will also keep a track of your heart rate. One thing I like about this is that it has smart heart rate monitoring. You can go to the app and select continuous heart rate monitoring but generally this feature drains a lot of battery on all the fitness tracking bands but you can also go into the settings and select smart mode do it will adjust the frequency according to the activity.

Like if you’re working out it will increase it and if you are sitting and working in your office it will decrease that so essentially you will get more battery backup out of it. Another thing this band can measure is sleep behavior. It can measure your deep, light and REM sleep and awake time. And gives you an overall score of the night. Another addition to this year’s Honor bandits the SpO2 measurement, which is essentially the oxygen level in your blood. This is an essential feature for all the tracking people because it can measure the oxygenated hemoglobin.

This is a newly added feature in the honor band five and essentially honor is the first company to do this. AMOLED. It doesn’t count all the steps while you are riding a bike or moving, traveling or going by bus or anywhere but these tiny fitness tracking band just gives you a rough idea or a measurement of what the report is but you cannot expect these fitness tracking bands to give you results to comparable to the machines that we use in hospitals, so those were all the features of the Honor band 5 but there are some things that I don’t like about or some features that are missing from the Honor Band 5. So let’s talk about them.


In this article, we have reviewed the Honour 5 sport edition and talked about all the new features. If you have any plans to buy Honor 5 band – sport edition then I think this is the right time to do this, also Diwali sale is going on so you can expect some additional discounts as well. If we compare with Honor 4 band then I think there are very few differences between them and again the choice is yours, you can choose any of them according to your needs.

If you have any doubts regarding the Honor 5 sport edition band then feel free to comment down below we are happy to help you also if you have any suggestions for us then you can comment down below.

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