pre employment hiring

All of us have gone on to hear about pre-employment that works out to be a predictive way to figure out whether a candidate would be successful in a given job. Now what would happen if you incorporate them into the hiring process and the things that you might be doing for your business. With pre employment skills testing, there are various pointers that you have to consider that are as follows:

Higher levels of productivity

When you have objective data to pull out to make hiring decisions seems to be an easy process. In a way data helps you identify a candidate who is likely to be successful in a given job and that leads to a productivity in the effectiveness and productivity of your employees. The concept of pre –employment testing provides you with a validated metrics that can lead to success. In fact a cognitive  aptitude test can help you figure out whether a candidate would be successful in a given job whereas personality tests would go on to figure whether they would be successful in that job or not.

Employees try to figure out whether a candidate would be the perfect one for a position, and even they go on to contribute to the goals of a company. It stands for the reason that a productive employees means a productive business which the data is going to agree. For example a retailer was of the opinion that for a retailer the sales people who passed the retailer test were more productive than the ones who did not pass the test.

Employer retention at a higher level

For an employer reducing turnover seems to be a grave concern. When the turnover is high it requires a lot of time along with resources in order to fill up a position and even go on to train the new hires. A study goes on to showcase the fact that to replace an entry level employee is going to take 16 % of your annual salary and once you move up the pay scale the percentage is expected to increase. For someone who has an aptitude and even personality to stay in a job is less likely to be leaving the job. The moment you hire the right person for a job you do go on to save money on the training costs. The lower turnover costs can have an impact on the employee morale and even the reputation of a company. This makes it more attractive for an employee to an applicant in a competitive driven market.

The hiring process tends to become a lot more efficient

The time spent is worth money. Each moment that you churn in on collection of resources, flipping through the various resources and even collection of a feedback seems to be a minute that you are not going to get back. On an average about 250 resumes emerge for every job posting. With the evolution of the internet it has made easy for the applicants in order to apply for a job in less time. This does go on to increase the number of applicants who go on to apply for a job at a given time. You have to increase quality resumes to your set up. The process to identify candidates is like finding a needle in a haystack. When you rely on pre -employment tests you go on to streamline the process of hiring where you rely on testing in the early stage of the process. By this approach you are able to figure out the quality time you might be spending on a candidate first and when you are able to identify qualified candidates this speaks for itself.

The signs that you are going to need pre- employment testing

The quality of hires has been a major let-down

Each one in the position of hiring might have gone on to make a bad decision and you are not alone in this situation. The cost of bad hire is so bad that nearly 30 % of the annual salary of an employee is lost on this. The worse aspect is toxic hire that can spread over to the entire organization. As an experienced manager you might be aware that bad hires are something that cannot be avoided, but there are ways by which you can reduce the impact of bad hires by predictive performance. When you go on to use with traditional hiring methods this tends to make the process of hiring a lot more efficient. The formula is not a magical one about hiring the right person, but it goes on to improve your average.

You are looking to improve the performance of your team

If you are looking to improve the quality of hire, then somewhere down the line the performance of your organization has a bearing. With the aid of pre- employment tests it is easy to figure out on how a candidate can accomplish a variety of roles. From the concept of critical hiring, to logical thinking the scientific tests go on to add a tinge of performance blues. In your performance metrics tangible results are achieved.

The time is short and still you are on the lookout for quality candidates

In the domain of HR this works out to be one of the grave areas of concern. There is an urgent need to manage the quality of hire and these tests go on to tackle the problem. They are going to figure out the key indicators of success and help you outline which are the candidates who might help you to move in the next stage of the hiring process. When you drill it down to the core predictive qualities the concept of surface would help you to determine the best candidates with their knowledge.

To sum it up you might need a pre- employment test if the company is growing at a fast track. When you speed up the process it can lead to a drop in the quality of hires.