What are arcade games – history and facts

Arcade games are doing great role in our life for entertainment and nowadays, games are becoming part of life and their work as well for many people. Since many years, we are seeing a great revolution in the gaming industry. Before many decades, these games were simply played on the machines of size bigger than our desktop computer. Now, we have awesome and unbelievable games and arcades, game stations, consoles and many more. The new generation is more familiar with the PS4, but before decades, these games were played on machines which were better known as arcades. So arcades are just a coin pop machine in which you insert a coin, and you get a certain time to play games that are available in that machine. But we have now arcade games on our mobile.  So that we don’t need to buy a whole coin pop machine. Great part is that many of these arcade games are freely available for us. So here, we have listed top 10 arcade games for android which are simple, complex, good to pass time and free as well. With the help of lucky patcher, you can unlock the full potential of arcade games and can enjoy with unlimited coins and rewards.

Top 10 best arcade games for android to play in 2019

Subway surfers-

Subway surfers are among the most loved and widely played arcade games around the world. With more than 15 characters, you will enjoy many other things like treasures, coins in the game. Inside the game, you will get a bunch of option like stores, characters and play online. You can play the subway surfers online and offline too. Just connect your game with your Facebook id and enjoy it with your friends by making a high score. The subway surfers have different cities and the developers change this city over some period. Some of the famous cities in subway surfers are Moscow, Tokyo, and Mumbai, etc. The game has more than 1 billion downloads on play store.  Get it on google play store from here if you want to play subway surfers.

 Angry birds-

Angry birds were at their top when the game was launched. It is one of the too much addictive arcade games and has different modes. Some of them are Rio, space, friends, star wars, star wars HD, transformers, evolutions, etc. Simple you have to drag to the birds in the game and release them on the target. I bet you that you won’t leave it before completing half of the levels inside the game. The angry bird’s games are free to play and all modes are available on google play store. If you are willing to play then get it on google play store from here.

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Temple Run – Temple Run 2

One of the best ever running arcade games on the play store I have ever played is temple run and temple run 2. The game has its separate fan base. Generally, in this game, the man is running from forest, tunnels and survive from many regions for protecting himself from a monster. You have to collect the coins and complete the missions to unlock new and exciting features, characters and power-ups. The game has over 500 million downloads on play store and averages 4.5 ratings. So this is a good choice to kill boredom. You can download from here and enjoy!!

Jetpack Joyride –

The jetpack based flying game is here with insane graphics and gameplay!! Stay safe from bombs and hurdles is main aim to survive for a long time. Collect coins and use them to purchase power-ups and many more things. I am damn sure that you will love this game and enjoy the whole day. Complete the missions and get exciting power-ups, gadgets, and vehicles in the game. Jetpack Joyride has over 100 million downloads on google play store and an average of 4.6 ratings from its users. The regular updates make the game more easy and enjoyable. Get it from play store now and enjoy your day!

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Zombie Tsunami –

Would you like to become a graduate in the game and want a certificate? If yes then you must try the zombie tsunami. The best ever zombie arcade games I have played. You have to play an endless game until all your zombies die. This is something different than other zombie games because you don’t have to kill zombies instead you have to increase them to survive more and complete mission. After completing all missions available in the game, you will get a certificate for completing graduation in the game. The game is available on play store for free to play. Go, download and enjoy your zombies!!

Fruit ninja-

There might be no such a person in the world who don’t hear the name ‘fruit ninja’. It was the most popular game when it was launched and loved by people. You have to just cut the fruits that come up from the downside of the screen and at the same time, bombs also come up as hurdle to disturb you. You have to just miss bombs and chop the fruits as much as possible. Try to cut the fruits in a combination of two, three, four or even in five to get more score. Find it on google play store from here download and enjoy chopping fruits without a real knife!!

Shadow fight 2-

Do you love action arcade games! If yes then this game is for you. Fight with deadly monsters to rich at the end and fight with titan. Shadow fight 2 is the best and most loved action arcade game. Released in 2014, the shadow fight 2 has more than 100 million downloads and average 4.7 ratings on google play store. As the name suggests, you have to fight with shadows that are actually monsters. In the end, titan came up and it is the most difficult level to pass because titan is the godfather of all shadow monsters. So wanna try to fight shadows?? Get shadow fight 2 on play store and enjoy!!

Sonic dash-

As the name, the character in-game has sonic speed. It is basically running game in which you run and run and run to achieve levels by dodging the hurdles and obstacles. Dodge as many as hurdles possible and unlock power-ups. Again utilize the power-ups to dodge hazards, jump over barriers and speed around the loop the loops.  Get sonic dash for android from here Download and play like supersonic!!


Love action arcade games? Then defiantly give a try to vector. It is amazing parkour inspired action game which has awesome graphics and easy controls. The vector is free to run game and you have to pass many hurdles in parkour-style which gives the game a more realistic feel. The vector game is launched in 2013 and has over 100 million downloads throughout the world and has an average 4.6 ratings on google play store. Download vector from google play store and enjoy your day!!!

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Bubble shooter –

The most easy and best game which don’t need any skills to play is here. Bubble shooter is the game which doesn’t need any manual or pre-information to play. From child to any adult can play bubble shooter without hesitation. Over 100 million downloads, it has 4.2 ratings on google play store. So this can be a great choice to pass the time on your android phone. Get it on from here download and start playing!!

Final words

So, here are the top 10 best arcade games according to our team. You will find a bunch of arcade games on the internet but most of them are scary with full of ads and annoying content. We have listed here best according to our own experience. So if you think we are missing something, then please let us know. We will surely add it to our top list.