We all want to be the best version of ourselves. That is, in terms of productivity, of course. We have tasks and processes we have to go through to reach our goals. Having the right workplace that radiates productivity is essential to our productivity goals. We only need a few tweaks here and there to make our tools compatible with what we are trying to achieve.

Good Workspace Essentials

Being productive is all that this modern generation wants. Gone are the days wherein we would find comfort in sitting down and being unproductive. Doing nothing is not exciting anymore. We have arrived at the point that we want to make something of ourselves.

We must equip our productive selves with the right tools before chasing big and exciting things. Tomato timer or Pomodoro technique is a time management method that can help us control our time efficiently. To reach the goal that we want, we must work smart. Having the right tools may help simplify our tasks so that we can be more productive.

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Standing Desks

We often neglect our health amidst our busy and hectic schedules. We forget to take care of our bodies because we are simply too stressed or tired. No, I am not suggesting a workout routine here but rather a standing desk. Standing desks have a lot of health benefits. After all, health is wealth, and wealth is productivity!

Standing desks are crucial in increasing our productivity. Standing desks allows you to improve energy levels. Scientists also found out that standing desks help you avoid back pain. Now that makes sense. Without back pain, I am surely going to be more energetic and happier! Have your next 25-minute Pomo sessions on a standing desk and see how better it feels to finish your tasks!

There are a bunch of standing desk brands like Uplift and Devaise. These brands offer a standing desk with a wide area for productivity. Health is one thing, but we do not want to miss out on any task we have. Standing desks for sure will give the best of both worlds.

Planners For Task Management

In a world that embraces technology, a simple planner can do great things. A simple planner on your desk allows you to keep track of your responsibilities. I personally prefer a planner made out of paper than the ones on our phones. A planner made out of paper presents no distractions at all.

You can get a planner from anywhere. You can get the one from Starbucks if you are into that. You can also get the planners from bookstores. You need to remember that this planner is for your tasks, to-do-lists, and responsibilities. You can easily see what the daily tasks you have written in a planner. A planner is a good way to remember those tasks and go on multiple Pomodoro sessions.

Productivity can increase with a simple planner. Make sure that the things you put in your planner are essential to your goals. You can also jot down the ones that are for fun, but it should not outnumber the important ones. Never underestimate what a planner can do, along with a few focus blocks!

A Highly Capable PC

Now, it does not have to be a PC. You can work with a Mac or laptops. What I mean is that you should have a highly capable device that you can work with. I know the struggle of using my 5-year-old notebook to support a small start-up. Make sure that your hardware is compatible with your planned output.

Your hardware should be able to keep up with the tasks that you have. It would be impossible to do renders, editing, and more on an outdated laptop, right? You should look to update your tech and hardware every once in a while. Your productivity and future self would thank you for this investment.

You can set-up your Pomodoro sessions towards the tasks that will need a PC. Of course, you would want your 25-minute focus blocks done with a smooth, capable and hassle-free PC.

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Final Thoughts

Our focus blocks and Pomodoro sessions are surely functional, and they can be even better. The Pomodoro technique, combined with the essentials we mentioned, can create a productive atmosphere.

You will definitely reap the rewards of your focus with these essentials. Make sure that you become the most productive version of yourself!