A laptop is an essential gadget for any college student. It will help with note-taking, completing assignments, entertainments, and entrepreneurship projects, among other activities on campus.

9 Best Laptops for College Freshmen

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Laptops come in a variety of models, series, and brands. As a student, it is not just enough to have a laptop. Such a laptop must serve your college academic needs, personal requirements, and be efficient enough to be used in college. It is quite possible that as a student, you will not have much spare money for expensive electrical equipment, so it could be worth considering no fee private student loans to help you finance that laptop.

Before mentioning specific laptops for college students, it would help to look at the features and factors every college student should consider when shopping for a laptop.

  • Size- a laptop is supposed to be carried around campus to lecture halls, the library, and other areas you will be studying. Choose a light-weight laptop that will not be a burden to carry around. Remember that you have other gadgets like phones and snack box to carry around.
  • Manufacturer Features- laptops perform like vehicles or phones. Each comes with a level of performance beyond which you cannot go. For instance, it will have a designated speed, storage space, screen size, and ability to connect with other devices. Choose a laptop whose features will meet your learning, entertainment, or personal project needs.
  • Price- students might not have too much money to spend on gadgets. Other needs like buying learning materials and upkeep also demand attention. Price should also come with value for money. For instance, laptops with advanced features will be more expensive. However, you might not need the features on certain laptops because of your academic or personal activities.
  • Personal preferences- students own gadgets for different reasons. You might have loved the display on the screen, durability, design, and size, among other factors. The reality is that if two students have the same amount of money, they will pick different laptop models. Since it is a gadget that you will spend a lot of time with, invest in an impressive model.

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The choice of laptops for college students will affect their overall college experience. Since you want to start your college years on the right footing, here are the best laptops you should consider.

1. HP Chromebook 14

HP is an established and respected name in the laptop market. It also provides some of the most captivating computer gadgets in the market. The HP Chromebook 14 is a tiny laptop that will fit the lifestyle of a student. The keyboard feels great and the trackpad will be impressive for any student.

It has also struck the perfect balance between ample screen size and the overall size of the laptop. The display is vivid and will guarantee the best value for money.

2. Lenovo Yoga C940

The laptop is rated as 2 in 1 laptop because it is perfect for work and entertainment. The Lenovo brand has consistently exceeded user expectations. The design is slim and premium to impress the student.

It also comes with a beautiful 4K display, delivering the best clarity possible. You will also love the speed with which the laptop processes commands. The speakers are crisps and dynamic, giving you the best entertainment tool.

3. Asus Zenbook UX333FA

Are you a student on a budget? This is the perfect choice of laptop for you. It has an excellent battery life, sleek aluminum design, and excellent speed. If not for any other reason, you can get the laptop because of its battery life.

It will take you eleven or more hours before needing to charge. Since it has a sleek design, you will be comfortable carrying it around.

4. Huawei Mate 13

It is a powerful laptop for college students who want performance. The laptop has perfectly balanced pricing to deliver the best value for money. It still offers an admirable battery life even with intense usage.

5. Dell XPS 13

Dell has offered students a premium product that could last you all the four years. It has a premium chassis and a performance that can handle all your college activities as well as entrepreneurial projects. There are no bezels whatsoever and the battery life is exceedingly impressive.

6. Acer Chromebook 514

The laptop is impressively designed to elicit the envy of all your classmates. It is also priced with the student in mind.

You can work on the most intensive projects all day without needing to plug the laptop to power. Acer is known for durability and the honor of sustaining performance with years of use.

7. MacBook Air 2020

The laptop is a new entrant into the foray and has already impressed users as well as reviewers. It is reasonably priced to fit the needs of college students without diluting their computer usage experience.

It comes with a new 10th generation processor to give you impressive speed. The feel on the keyboard will also blow your mind.

8. Google Pixelbook Go

It is the perfect fit for a student on a tight budget. Acquiring one will make you feel as if you can finally afford a decent laptop.

It comes with impressive battery life, widescreen, and hardy handling. Compared to compatriots with similar specs, it is the best bargain.

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9. Microsoft Surface Go

This is a stylish pick for any college student. It balances performance and specs that could be out of this world. The affordable price, long battery life, stylish design, and fantastic performance are all a student would desire in a laptop.

The choice of laptops for college students is endless. Whether you need a laptop for your assignments, personal entertainment, and eventual entrepreneurship, the market has a deal. You will get a better deal when you look beyond the price.