Listening to music has never been this convenient compared in the past years. People do not listen to CDs and iPods anymore and spend time downloading music via converters. Nowadays, people can easily install a music platform to listen to their favorite tracks. 

Pandora Music

There are tons of music streaming platforms on the internet today. There’s Spotify, YouTube Music App, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, and more. But, Pandora Music App is not much of a talk, so here is an article guide and review about it. 

If you’re planning to subscribe to Pandora’s music, then you need to read this article first before paying anything. In this article, we will discuss the key features of the Pandora Music App; it is worth your time and money, and how to install it on your phone and laptops. 

Pandora Music App History and Features

The Pandora music app was first launched in Oakland, California. Up to today, the app only serves users who are in the United States. Although it is not downloadable in other countries besides the US, the app has over 70 million active users every month, and 6 million of that part are premium users. 

Just like other music streaming platforms, this music app is also unique and different in its way and has key features that make it one. First, the app has a wide variety of songs, music libraries, and archives that one will surely love and appreciate.

The app first started with around 800,000 songs when it launched. As the years go by, the app was able to get in a partnership by Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and it made a way to a broader collection of music, albums, and tracks. 

Today, Pandora Music App is proud to say that they have about 30 million songs in their music library. The music streaming app is open to all famous international artists and local and national artists. With this huge music library, you will never run out of songs to play.

Discover Music in Pandora Music App

The best way to discover new music is getting a music streaming app that has everything. Pandora Music App guarantees its users fresh music and tracks that they will always love. The app also has new music recommendations to offer its users that are in line with the music genre they like.

Also, Pandora Music App has its radio station that users can listen to. The app also lets you make your radio station and listen to other’s stations as well. You also get to share your appreciation towards a song because the app has a thumbs up and down feature that you can click. 

Lastly, if you have a certain music track or artist you dislike, you can block the artist from playing it again when you use it. Just click the thumbs down icon twice, and it will automatically block the artist on your app. 

Play Songs Even Offline

When you are a paid subscriber of the app, Pandora Music App has an offline playback feature that users can use if they don’t have an internet connection. Pandora Music App can be accessed offline, and you will not have to worry about not having music wherever you go. 

Pandora Music App has tons of packages you can choose from. It depends on your plan; if you have a plan where you can download songs offline for listening, then you don’t have to think about musicless travels from time to time.

Pandora Music App Service Packages

Like Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube Music, Pandora Music App has different plans and packages from which its users can choose. There is a free and paid option that Pandora offers. 

For the free version, expect that there will be ads popping up from time to time, maybe between 3 to 4 songs. For paid plans, you have two options: Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium. The two plans differ because of the price. 

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If you’re in the US and you’re looking for reliable music streaming app, Pandora Music App is the one to get. The app has all the coolest features one music streaming app should have that you should not miss. So, don’t hesitate and download Pandora Music App now!