In today’s world, the majority of people spend most of their time on social media. It may be for educational purposes, for business, for influencing, etc.

It has been an integral part of people’s life for a few years. It has grown its importance in the field of promoting businesses.

Social Media Trends 2020

The changes which have evolved in the way social media is being used are interesting to know and Magic SMM which is the best SMM panel in the world can help you with improving your social media signals. Knowing about these trends in social media can help you stay updated with social media and grab upcoming opportunities.

The Popularity of Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content is the one that disappears after a while. A popular example of such content is Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Such content is growing popular among people. This is because people’s attention towards online content is short time span. With such a habit, ephemeral content will continuously gain population.

The reason behind the popularity is the uniqueness, attractiveness, and engagement of the content. People can easily watch such content in a short time.

The Popularity of a Particular Niche

The majority of people have adopted a particular niche and are trying to excel in them. Many social media platforms help in achieving this purpose. One such popular example is Tiktok.

In upcoming years, the popularity of such nice social media platforms will continuously increase. The number of users of such platforms is increasing rapidly.

Instagram like Feature

Instagram has continuously included changes in changing the way people interact among others. There are sources that Instagram may remove the like feature.

It has been discovered that the like feature tends to make people wait for the social approval on their posts. Such a wait can be detrimental to one’s mental health.

However, many people have opposed this change. They think it is just a way for earning more income by Instagram. Since people will be forced to launch more targeted ads for getting feedback and reaching the audience.

Increase in Social Commerce

Many popular social media platforms have allowed the business to sell their brands and products over social media. Social commerce has become a new way people engage with sellers and buy their products.

Popular social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook supports this feature. The popularity and usability of social commerce will increase in upcoming years. It will continuously evolve and introduce features like shoppable posts.

Domination of Video Content

Video has been regarded as the most engaging content form. The popularity of video content has been continuously increasing. It is a clear winner among all the other forms of content.

Both long and short-term videos are becoming popular and will soon dominate the platform. They are regarded as more engaging, attractive, and relevant to the audience.

Businesses and influencers can easily make use of videos for promoting their product and services. The story feature of various social media sites like Instagram and Facebook allows you to showcase your content for a limited period.

Putting relevant videos in the story feature can be really helpful. Various social media platforms are adopting ways to include video posting on their platform.

Adoption of New Technologies

Social media platforms are continuously searching for and adopting new technologies and techniques for enhancing user experience. They are adopting technologies for making the content more engaging and relevant.

Facebook has already started this initiative by introducing Horizon. Horizon is their social virtual reality world.

On this platform, people can more easily connect, share, and engage with each other. It will take a social media connection to a completely new level.

Rise of Influencer Marketing

It is not a new trend but will stay consistently over social media in the upcoming year. Social media is full of influence marketers who work for promoting branded content.

Adopting this trend can help increase the popularity of your brand over social media. This is because investing in influencers is much cheaper than running high paid ads.

It will also help you achieve better results. These influencers help in achieving a large number of marketing goals rather than just leads. Thus, this trend will continuously evolve and will become popular.

Enhanced Control and Security

Data privacy and security is a major issue which needs to be considered. Social media platforms are continuously working towards this for improving the security of user’s data. Thus, the security of user data will be a growing focus of various social media platforms.

Lack of security may make people drop the social media platform. The aspect of security will continuously be in focus in the upcoming years.

Improved Customer Service

Within the past few years, social media has become a popular retail platform. Such drastic changes include more features to improve the customer experience.

A lot many brands have started using social media for providing customer services and ways for improving it. Also, they have started to use social media for gathering valuable feedback from their customers and targeted audience.

Thus, social media platforms are continuously working towards improving the ways of customer services.