Wearing your favorite watch is now familiar to a lot of people, and they wear it every day. It is also one of those critical items that many people need, especially the workers, business persons, and students. The main reason why people wear it is knowing the time when it is night or day.


Besides the function it offers to people, they use it to showcase their watches to others and for fashion. These devices also have different designs and models that people can pick, from a wristwatch to a smartwatch. By that, individuals can have many choices of what they want to use or wear.

Every year, there are different brands or models of smartwatches. They have various features so that people can choose their preferences and help them in some ways. With the features that smartwatches have, they are capable of receiving messages or calls, checking notifications, downloading many apps, monitoring your health, and many more. While there are many smartwatches in the market today, you can also check out the best smartwatch for you. So here are the best smartwatches to buy this 2020.

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch for Men

If you want an affordable smartwatch, then Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is the right watch for you. It fits perfectly for sports and everyday use, and it’s even a more great choice compared to other expensive models. Its battery can last up to forty-five days of regularly using without charging it, which is a great battery feat for smartwatches. 

Even though it’s affordable, its durability can match other expensive brands, and it can withstand the daily use impact because of the polycarbonate casing. One aspect is also the oleophobic coating. It enables the sliding of the user’s fingers on its glass with no grease. It’s enough for users to rub the smartwatch surface when there are marks so that it will look crystal clear again. So you won’t have a problem cleaning it. 

Four programs make this smartwatch tremendous, and it’s cycling, street jogging, walking, and treadmill jogging. Depending on what program you want, there will be different functions and information gathered. Your smartphone is not even needed to collect all the data immediately. The data gathered are automatically synced through the Mi-Fi app.

Apple Watch Series 3

Even though Apple Watch is the top smartwatch in the market right now, Apple is not trying to put something new with this watch. The noticeable change is the increase in fitness focus. Users can also stay connected with its cellular connectivity that is built-in.

This series is LTE capable, and its processor is faster without adding more weight. The case of this smartwatch has the same shape as the second series, while its back extended a little. Even if its price is a bit high, it’s still more affordable compared to the Apple Watch Series 5. If you prefer affordability, you can always check out more of its series model.

Fossil Men’s Gen 4

This smartwatch has a design that is a classic, and it’s perfect for formal attire. Fossil Men’s Gen 4 is a combination of the modern and the classic. It might be a smartwatch, but its aesthetics is classic that fits on any occasion.

The great feature it offers is the interface that you can customize. Enables users to adjust their dials according to their preferences. You can also use social media images as its screensaver.


The purpose of wearing smartwatches isn’t only for tracking the time, but it’s also for fashion, health monitoring, and even for entertainment. Although many people prefer traditional wristwatch, you can always choose to wear a smartwatch if you want to get healthier and better. It also has many benefits like monitoring your heart rate, sleeps duration, stress level, and even access your social media accounts.

It’s like you have a workout buddy in your wrist that informs you everything that you do like the steps you have taken, rest taken, and even how long you are running. That’s just some example that a smartwatch can change your life.