Why has Sudoku become so popular all over the world? And, what’s the appeal in those boxes or numbers? Well, Sudoku is definitely one of the most addictive games ever invented. It’s quite challenging, has a mystery factor to it, gives a sense of achievement, develops a sense of order, and can literally keep you engrossed the entire day.

Sudoku Game Play

The entire day, really?


If you’re a newbie, you may think what kind of attraction it is to fill in some empty boxes and keep your heads scratching while completing the patterns. But, it’s a puzzle game, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. The rules are straightforward, and whether or not you are a puzzle-person, play it once, and Sudoku will be your jam!

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That rush you get at the very end gives you a great feeling that you may immediately want to try a new set of puzzles. It’s similar to playing a game like Candy Crush – when you’re able to crush all the similar-looking tiles right in time and also win reward points, you immediately try out another level. Day by day, you keep playing different levels, and no matter where you go if you have some time on your hand, you just pull out your phone and solve another level, don’t you?

Who plays Sudoku?

Sudoku has a very diverse audience, but it majorly attracts people who like to undertake logical challenges since it’s purely a logic-based game and does not rely on external knowledge. Your goal is to align 1-9 digits in every 3×3 row, and column to complete the 9×9 grid without repeating any numbers. 

Is it just a paper game?

Dell Magazines were the first one to publish Sudoku as a pen-and-paper game in 1979, but then it virtually went unnoticed. It was in just a few years that the game, earlier called as Number Place, became the Sudoku we know today. After appearing in popular magazines and newspapers, it’s adopted as a permanent feature of the puzzle pages in a majority of papers today.

To increase the reach even further, mobile game developers offer the same level of satisfaction and gameplay by transitioning these paper games into digital platforms. One such game is the Sudoku free mobile app by Easybrain, one of the top mobile game developers on the Google Play Store. 

What’s the game about?

With a simple structure, no visual clutter, and understandable rules, this Sudoku free game is challenging and addictive. The fact that Sudoku puzzles start prefilled tempts you to fill the entire grid. It could be a small part of the appeal, but at least gets you to give the puzzle a shot. Once you know what goes where no level will be difficult for you!

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While there are simple strategies to solve any grid, spotting the patterns is a pro-level mechanism. But, you’ll have fun discovering and employing new rules as time passes by. Another fact i.e., the availability of quality puzzles, also adds to the appeal of Sudoku. And, even today, not many games have lived up to this kind of success!

 If you’ve never played Sudoku, install the Sudoku free mobile app and tell us what you like about it. If you’re already a pro, tell us what appeals to you the most about this game.